Meaningless and Hollow: Biden’s Border Visit

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The wife of a border patrol agent recently released a scathing statement slamming President Biden’s border visit, which came as no surprise, given the circumstances surrounding it.

After 2 years Biden finally made his photo-op trip to the southern border to show the country he “cares” about the crisis he started, when he repealed Trump’s policies that began this flood of humanity pouring across our border. 

Western Journal reports. The president finally decided to visit the southern U.S. border where illegal immigration, largely because of his lackluster policies, has spiraled out of control.

For many, his visit to El Paso, a border city in Texas, didn’t pass the smell test, including Cassandra Garcia, wife of a US Border Patrol agent and former candidate for the Texas District 28 congressional district.

Cassy Garcia tweeted her message to Joe Biden “As a Border Patrol wife, I know this. Biden’s ‘border visit’ was meaningless & hollow. He won’t change. On day 1, he stopped enforcing immigration laws, rolled back effective border policies, & tied the hands of our Border Patrol. But, root causes & asylum apps…”

Several new policies and ideas have been launched by the Biden administration in recent weeks to deal with what the administration spent nearly two years calling a “challenge” instead of a crisis.

Elected officials even had some choice words for Biden’s trip to see what his failed policies have wrought. 

Representative CHip Roy tweeted “The trip by @POTUS to El Paso is nothing but a box-checking exercise combined with propaganda… and will do nothing to stop the flood at our border because the administration does not want to – and so is refusing to. #SecureOurBorderNow”

Governor Gregg Abbott tweeted “El Paso rushes to remove illegal immigrants and migrant camps that are crowding downtown before Biden arrives. Predictable. Biden does not want America to see the chaos that he has caused on the border. This is just a photo op and a game of pretend.”

As soon as Biden touched down, the Texas governor delivered a scathing letter to the president about Biden’s immigration policy. There was also a detailed list of ways to mitigate the damage and ultimately control the situation.

After nearly two years as President, Joe Biden finally stepped foot on the United States’ Southern border — and boy are we in for it. Unrestrained illegal immigration persists thanks to his lackluster policies, but he isn’t taking any real action to stop it. His trip to Texas, though a desperate attempt to save face from his failed presidency, was all too little too late. Cassandra Garcia, wife of U.S. Border Patrol agent is outraged! Amidst rising inflation and a collapsed economy, it’s clear that we need to return to Donald Trump’s unwavering stance against illegal immigration — our safety and stability depend on it! With drugs pouring over the border every day unchecked by Bidden’s reckless rule, citizens of the US will continue suffering if something doesn’t change soon, but a good first step would be to send in the army to truly secure our borders once and for all.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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