Unprecedented Travel NIGHTMARE Rocks the Nation and All Fingers are Pointed at Mayor Pete

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We’re all too familiar with the recent travel NIGHTMARES (Looking at you Southwest). From long delays to canceled flights, navigating through airports has felt like a maze of frustration this season. But this morning, air travel hit a whole new level of madness with an unprecedented national ground stop not seen since the day after nine-eleven. Now fingers are pointing towards Pete Buttigieg, and his woke priorities, as the culprit behind this FAA disaster. 

The Federal Aviation Administration issued a rare and alarming full ground stop Wednesday morning for all U.S. flights, putting Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg under fire yet again. 

Wednesday morning, the Federal Aviation Administration ordered airlines to pause domestic departures for more than an hour due to a nationwide technical outage, according to FOX News.

It just so happens that our anchor Gary Franchi has been caught up in Pete Buttigieg’s latest failure as he returns home from yesterday’s inaugural celebration for Sarah Huckabee-Sanders. 

As Franchi informed us, his flight had been delayed twice thus far, which created a logistical nightmare for his hotel and car service. 

He gave us an update from the Clinton International Airport in Little Rock shortly before departure. 

Franchi stated, “Nearly 3000 people traveled from all over the country to Little Rock to celebrate this moment for Governor Sarah Sanders only to walk directly into another Biden Administration failure with diversity hire, Mayor Pete at the helm. This again highlights the mismanagement of a government who puts woke policies above the function of government agencies. “

This afternoon, Joe Biden told reporters that he has ordered an investigation into an FAA system outage that grounded flights across the country and said the cause of the failure was unknown.

As noted by Townhall, Buttigieg has been mired in controversy since taking office in early 2021, and his lack of transportation experience has repeatedly been highlighted. While thousands of fully loaded shipping containers were sitting offshore during the supply chain crisis of 2021, Buttigieg took months of paternity leave without appointing a deputy. 

Following that disaster, Buttigieg was on vacation in Portugal during negotiations that nearly led to a devastating and economically disruptive rail strike. 

And just weeks ago, Buttigieg was missing in action for days while Southwest Airlines had abruptly canceled tens of thousands of flights during the holidays. 

So this week, several Twitter users rightfully voiced their frustration with Buttieig following yet another travel crisis.

Senator Tom Cotton tweeted, “Pete Buttigieg couldn’t organize a one-car funeral. He was never remotely qualified for this role.”

Don Jr, tweeted, “Yet another major blow to incompetent Transportation Sect Mayor Pete and people who get important jobs with no experience to check some identity politics boxes.”

Don Jr also reacted to the airline crisis during the holidays, saying that Mayor Pete’s failure didn’t come as a surprise.

Meanwhile, John Cardillo tweeted on Wednesday, “If you’re surprised that the FAA’s systems went down this morning grounding all domestic flights, you shouldn’t be.” and he pointed out the DOT and FAA’s 2023 focus in the 2023 budget is 

“Racial equity,” “inclusion,” “income inequality,” “environmental justice, and “climate change.”

Catturd commented, “Pete Buttigieg must be on another 6 month maternity leave.”

With Buttigieg’s obvious lack of experience in the transportation industry, he has no business spearheading this agency, yet here we are – unable to fly due to a nation-wide ground stop that has caused significant disruption and utter chaos. Our own Gary Franchi witnessed it first hand. It seems like this could only happen in a third world country, yet it is indeed occurring in the United States. All fingers are rightfully pointed at Mayor Pete for his ill-advised leadership that presumably put the FAA in this situation. This unprecedented national ground stop was completely avoidable, but unfortunately, it is a reality we must face as Buttigieg’s incompetence continues to threaten our nation’s airways.

Let’s continue this conversation, in the comments below.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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