Breaking Story – Joe Biden Installs Controversial New Barrier As People React In Shock

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As President Joe Biden continues to work against building walls to protect the borders around the United States, it seems that there is one place exempt from this rule: his own home. Recent images of his Delaware show a work-in-progress barrier going up around his property — seemingly contradicting the message he has been peddling to our neighbors South of the border. 

In spite of his staunch opposition to building a wall at the southern border, President Biden’s taxpayer-funded wall for his Delaware vacation home is being built.

Ironically, during his trip to Mexico earlier this week, Biden said the U.S. can’t “wall ourselves off” from other countries, as his Delaware beach house is undergoing construction to add a new barrier, according to FOX News.

Construction on the wall surrounding Biden’s Rehoboth Beach home began last week, according to photos obtained exclusively by the Daily Mail. As part of a government contract with DHS, the wall will cost taxpayers $490,324 in total.

Biden’s home has been surrounded by tall white fencing and gray stone pillars on the side, with a half-wall of gray stone and a large black iron gate at the front.

DHS awarded a contract for more security at the home in 2021, which led to the construction of the wall. 

It is expected that the wall surrounding Biden’s home will be completed in September.

In his campaign for the 2020 presidential election, Biden pledged not to build another foot of border wall if elected.

On Twitter, people blasted Biden for his blatant hypocrisy.

One person tweeted, “He makes sure his borders are secure.”

Another added, “Somebody please tell me why he needs a wall and our country doesn’t????”

And another person said, “Its absolutely disgusting! The hypocrisy is disgusting!”

Americans are left in shock over President Joe Biden’s hypocrisy as he installs a controversial, taxpayer-funded wall around his luxurious Delaware beach house. Despite condemning the idea of walls to protect America’s borders earlier this week, Biden has still gone ahead and ordered a large barrier for his own personal security. The large sum of $490,324 spent on this construction has angered many, who have felt disgraced by the president’s decision to prioritize his own wants over national security. This is yet another example of hypocrisy from Biden considered simply disgraceful by the American people.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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