CNN Shifts Gears and Dares To Criticize Supreme Leader Biden After Border Visit

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It’s a rare sight in today’s media landscape: CNN, known to be a sack of utter garbage, is suddenly turning its critical eye to President Joe Biden. Following his recent border visit, there was an unexpected shift in coverage that featured analysis and doubt  about the administration’s handling of the immigration situation. It was like seeing a UFO out in the open.

CNN’s recent coverage of President Biden’s visit to El Paso and failure to meet with migrants is surprising, considering the network’s strong support for the president throughout his campaign. While it was obvious that the visit was intended as a photo opportunity, CNN analysts dared to vocalize their criticism on the lack of public interaction between President Biden and the flood of immigrants there. Although CNN is always disappointing, their stance should be applauded. This should buy them some temporary increased viewership.

News Buster reports, during yesterday’s border visit, CNN This Morning took a surprisingly skeptical stance about President Biden’s failure to meet migrants.

The segment was delivered by Kaitlin Collins as she flew SO close to the sun.

TAKE A LOOK at the rarest of occasions

As close as Collins came to calling out the White House’s claim that there were no migrants at a migrant aid center during Biden’s visit – in a city teeming with migrants. 

What are the chances that Biden’s visit to a “migrant aid center” resulted in zero migrants being present? About the same as the Packers winning the Super Bowl-and they just got eliminated yesterday. 

Not only did Biden not meet any migrants, but Collins also noted that he did not even “see” any migrants. According to reports, migrants were sent back across the border into Mexico in preparation for Biden’s visit.

The situation for Biden didn’t improve when Priscilla Alvarez was brought on board. Shetoo, tore into biden.

Here was El Paso two days before Biden arrived. Irene Armendariz-Jackson tweeted this:

This is what El Paso looks like on any given day because of the border disaster. This is what we live through daily. These pictures are from yesterday.”

Here is El Paso the same day after the Migrants magically decided to go back to their countries.

“Now that Biden is showing up to do his symbolic border visit, it looks like this:”


The recent fiasco at the US-Mexico border has made it clear: President Biden doesn’t actually want to get to the facts of the matter. It seemed like he was more interested in maintaining his own perceptions, as evidenced by his ill-fated “visit” which turned out to be nothing more than a PR stunt. The American people can tell when something isn’t genuine, and even liberal news networks like CNN have balked at covering up for this administration. It appears that Biden would rather paint an idealized version of events instead of facing the reality of what is actually happening at the border; and while he can claim he saw nothing, all of us know what he did to see that nothing. He went there to create his own reality and force it on people, so his administration can continue to peddle lies about how secure the border is.

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Next News Network Team

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