Danger Ahead: MSNBC Predicts Gains in Violence Following GOP Rhetoric!

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MSNBC  with a special guest recently warned against Republican rhetoric about questioning the validity of US intelligence agencies. Indirectly claiming that this kind of conversation in investigating might cause the public to not trust the intelligence community. 

MSNBC is undoubtedly concerned about what may be in store if the new subcommittee continues without intervention. The risk of violence being directed toward the intelligence community looms on the horizon, not only threatening physical harm to our security experts but also inflicting potential damage on their reputation. It goes without saying that protective measures need to be taken swiftly and decisively to preserve both their safety and standing. Can someone tell them their concerns have been noted.

News Buster reports, according to MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell, the House GOP’s Select Subcommittee on Weaponization will be populated with incompetent hacks, and Obama DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson predicted violence.

In Mitchell’s words, the subcommittee will have “extraordinary powers and this committee will be able to look at all of the top secret intelligence that’s turned over to the Intelligence Committee.”

In a proclamation that she would never make about former oversight committee member Eric Swalwell, Mitchell continued, “But these people on this committee are not properly prepared or briefed or cleared for all of that, as well as people like Scott Perry from Pennsylvania, saying that there’s no reason he shouldn’t serve on a committee that is investigating the January 6 investigation at DOJ which is investigating Scott Perry. How does that work?”

What a not so subtle way of calling all Republicans on the committee incompetent.

Here is what former DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson had to say in response to such an insult.

All this comes after the House voted to create a subcommittee to investigate the weaponization of the federal government.

Business Insider reports,a resolution creating the panel was approved 221-211 by all Republicans, with all Democrats voting against it.

It will be housed under the House Judiciary Committee and will be known as the “Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government.”

This idea was first proposed by the Center for Renewing America, a” right-wing” nonprofit run by former Trump staffers.

Several hardline conservatives, including Republican representatives, then pushed for it. The committee was formed as a result of a series of deals with Chip Roy from Texas and Dan Bishop from North Carolina in exchange for their votes for Speaker McCarthy.

With the news that all democrats voted against the formation of a select committee to investigate potential weaponization of the American government, it brings to mind just how much fear this issue has instilled in them. We already know about some of the wrongdoings committed by the democrat administration due to the twitter files, leading us to believe that further investigation may lead to discoveries even more. It is clear then that democrats do not want any kind of inquiry into their activities, and are trying to portray investigating these issues as a ‘right-wing’ endeavor. Tell us again why Americans shouldn’t question the intelligence community that has proven to be partisan time and time again? Time to hold them to their own standards, unleash the cranking!

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