DARKEST THREAT: 10 Year Reign Of Terror If Kamala Harris Follows Her Master Plan?

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Hold onto your hats folks, because the Queen of Chaos could be coming to take control over the country for an unprecedented ten-year reign! It may be too horrifying to even imagine, but with Kamala Harris possibly holding court in the White House as President, it would mean that she could potentially stay in power for a full decade! But how is this shocking horror possible? Well, if Harris’s master plan is followed there could indeed be a nightmare scenario waiting ahead that leads us into the darkest threat of them all – a 10-year reign of terror! Is Kamala Harris going to take America hostage and lock us up for a decade-long political prison? There’s only one way to find out – stay tuned for more information about this final scare!

Could the nightmare scenario come true and result in Kamala Harris ruling America with an iron fist for 10 years? It seems shocking, yet it’s a reality that must be faced. The Republicans currently control the House and Biden’s advanced age raises questions as to whether he can even run again. Investigations into Hunter Biden’s laptop could leave Biden unable to serve out his first term and set the stage for Harris to assume power. WHISPERS OF FEAR and Rumors have already started about Harris’s plans for extra-long rule over America if given the chance. An INVASION OF DARKNESS?? Will Harris follow her master plan and take power from Biden to embark on a decade-long reign of terror? Can we avert this chaotic future or will it become our ultimate nightmare scenario?

It’s incredible to think that, due to a special counsel’s appointment on Thursday and the allegations of Joe Biden mishandling classified materials, Kamala Harris could become President in the event of an impeachment, mental health issue or ill-health. If that were to be true, she would be in a position to stay there for an extended, unimaginable period of time – up to 10 years if things went in her favor! It’s truly an unbelievable concept and certainly worth considering as more information continues to progress throughout this current situation with the President.

Western Journal reports, according to Mike Davis, president of the Article III Project and staffer for the Senate Judiciary Committee, if Biden left office after January 20, she would have to complete the remainder of his term and be eligible to run for two more terms afterward.

Davis tweeted, “Per the 22nd Amendment, if President Biden leaves office after January 20, 2023, a President Harris could still run for two 4-year terms (10 years total). If Biden left office before then, Harris could only run for one 4-year term (6 years total).”

President Franklin Roosevelt served four terms as President, an impressive feat that is seldom seen. In response to this remarkable tenure, the 22nd Amendment was ratified in 1951, limiting the presidency to two terms. Furthermore, it states that serving more than two years of someone else’s term counts as a full term. This opens up the possibility for Kamala Harris to serve potentially 10 years if she becomes Vice President and replaces Biden within the next year. If such a nightmare scenario were to become reality with Harris advancing to president during Biden’s time in office, she would be able to serve two additional terms should she choose to run again. The limited number of terms weren’t meant to limit candidates like her from ascending further in their leadership roles  – but rather possibly prevent the same person from becoming president forever.

Buckle up folks, this isn’t a conspiracy theory, this is a reality America could be faced with. If the plans of Kamala Harris are executed, we may be in store for an unprecedented 10-year reign that could define us for generations to come. It’s a dark nightmare scenario none of us want to imagine, but if this vice-president has her way then this could very well be the fate of our nation. A 10-year reign of terror forcing us all into this political prison where our future will remain uncertain until the Queen of Chaos and her ten years come to an end. Is this how it will play out? Will we be able to survive such turbulent times? Only time will tell what awaits us on the other side of this possible reality–but for now, buckle up and get ready for one wild ride!

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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