Gavin Newsom Reels Back Funding For Climate Change As Massive Deficit Discovered

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Spending has gotten so out of control in California with all of the liberal policies being put into place, that even Gavin Newsom has reeled back spending on his climate change initiatives.

Financial analysts must be painting a pretty bleak picture for California’s Governor Gavin Newsom, so bad that he is cutting spending to his woke policies in the face of America’s worst financial crisis ever.

Daily wire reports, in response to a $22.5 billion budget deficit, California Governor Gavin Newsom will delay other major program funding and reduce billions of dollars in climate change investments.

Newsom unveiled the state’s $297 billion budget for fiscal year 2023-24, in which he reportedly warned against a nationwide recession by conserving California’s reserves.

Newsom stated “That makes us very mindful of the uncertainty of this next calendar year — and as a consequence of that — we’re not touching the reserves because we have a wait-and-see approach to this budget,”


With an expected recession looming, newsom has cut billions of dollars from pet projects. 

A total of $6 billion was cut from programs aimed at increasing zero-emission vehicles in low-income neighborhoods and replacing greenhouse gas-producing vehicles such as delivery trucks, planes, and rail lines.

The governor has also proposed to delay spending billions of dollars on public universities, transit, behavioral health, building decarbonization, and watersheds.

According to the governor, California would be able to weather a recession better “than most other states to weather what’s to come, to weather a recession.”

Things must be really looking bad for America if one of the most liberal governors in the country is looking to cut spending to woke policies. Newsom has been one of the strongest proponents in the climate change culture war here in America, passing a number of laws that seem insane to the rest of the country, but are just another day for the liberal state. So for there to be less money for the pet projects must mean that the coming financial crisis is going to be much much worse than even we could have imagined. Everyone should get buckled in, and make sure that your family prepares for what is to come.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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