UNREAL! Gun Grabbing Red Coats Enter Illinois As Historic Ban Is Put Into Effect

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It is a sad day for the constitution in Illinois as an assault weapons ban has just been signed into law, and it is the most restrictive in the country.

People have been saying for decades that politicians are coming for your weapons, and in Illinois that day has come. Illinois recently passed an assault weapons ban that is the dream law for liberal tyrants in the United States. But all hope is not lost yet.

Townhall reports, Illinois became the latest state to ban semi-automatic sporting rifle sales and possession on Tuesday

After passing both chambers of the Illinois General Assembly, the “Protect Illinois Communities Act” was signed by Democrat Gov. J.B. Pritzker. As well as semi-automatic sporting rifles, “high-capacity” magazines and “rapid-firing” devices are prohibited by the law.

When asked about law enforcement confiscating weapons and forcibly removing arms from non complying citizens Pritzker had this to say.

JB Pritzker further added to those conservatives who refuse to comply will have “consequences” Clip3>> 

There are a litany of lawsuits that have already been filed against this new draconian massive overreach of government, that directly infringes on citizens’ direct constitutional rights.

The Illinois State Rifle Association writes, HB5855 is a perfect example of what the anti-gun crowd wants. They are not hiding their intentions. HB5855 is not about fighting crime. None of these anti-gun bills have been about fighting crime but rather, they have been about disarming the American people. HB5855 and other bills like it are aimed directly at the law-abiding citizens. In fact, it is a hate crime against law-abiding gun owners.

In this bill, the firearms listed and the features that can be put on firearms that they want to ban are the best self-defense firearms and make self-defense easier. The semiautomatic AR15s, shotguns, or pistols are the best for self-defense, target shooting, and hunting. The great thing about the Second Amendment is that it applies to everyone, rich and poor alike. HB5855 makes life even tougher for those people who are economically disadvantaged, or live in bad neighborhoods in Chicago and other cities around the state.

The Illinois State Rifle Association has filed a lawsuit against the State of Illinois hoping for an immediate injunction against all provisions inside of this new law.

The Vice President of the Illinois State Rifle Association David Lombardo sent us an exclusive comment on the unconstitutional law. 

There is also some more good news as sheriffs from across the state have issued statements condemning the new law. 

Law enforcement officials in several counties have said they won’t enforce provisions of the bill that require existing weapons to be registered with the State Police, as potential legal fights loom over Illinois’ new assault weapons ban.

The choice is clear: either stand for the constitution or stand in the way of it. Illinois Governor JB Pritzker, who is expected to announce his bid for President in 2024, has declared himself an enemy of the constitution on many occasions with his state’s massive overreach during lockdowns, and now has declared that the second amendment is null and void in the state of Illinois. But every resident of Illinois needs to be thankful that there is an organization like the Illinois State Rifle association and a number of county sheriffs that are standing for gun rights in Illinois. The Illinois State Rifle Association has won many landmark lawsuits against Illinois to protect people’s freedoms. If you can visit their website, and help fund their efforts to protect the second amendment, because if they lose in Illinois this is coming to a state near you.

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