CHILLING: Mike Pence’s Treachery Revealed As He Prepares For Showdown Against Former Idol Trump

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As the former President Donald Trump gears up for the 2024 presidential bid, one important question still lingers: will his former Vice President Mike Pence join in the fray, and try to take down his former boss.

Mike Pence has an uphill battle ahead of himself if he thinks he can capture the enormous base that Trump has built over the years, and quite frankly most of Trump supporters do not like Mike Pence, for obvious reasons. 

CBS news reports. The former Vice President, Mike Pence, has left the door open for a presidential run in 2024, but told CBS News this week that he is not in any rush to declare a bid for the Republican presidential nomination, even though his former boss, former President Donald Trump, has already done so.


Pence’s lack of urgency about an announcement reflects broader dynamics within the Republican Party, where the 2024 presidential race has yet to dominate discussions among rank-and-file voters and major donors, especially since the new House Republican majority has taken center stage.

With Congress driving national debates, Pence and many other possible GOP candidates are focusing instead on their current elected offices or on boosting ties with the party’s voters. 

Pence, a longtime friend of conservative evangelicals, will tour megachurches beginning on Saturday.

CNN writes. As a longtime social conservative and prominent evangelical Christian, Pence has laid the groundwork for appealing to some of the religious right’s most influential pastors, activists, and celebrities. Earlier this week, he will speak at First Baptist Church in Dallas with its senior pastor, Robert Jeffress – a former Trump emissary.

Pence is seeking to reintroduce himself to GOP voters who care about abortion and religious liberty as a staunch ally and true believer, according to CNN. The movement’s leaders have taken notice of his efforts to woo the party’s social conservatives.

With former Vice President Mike Pence choosing to remain mum on his possible 2024 presidential run despite the flurry of speculation, it appears that he is choosing to be incredibly calculated in his approach. After all, President Trump has already announced his bid and any move made by Pence will come under intense scrutiny. Furthermore, if Pence does choose to enter the ring he will have to tackle some major issues such as inflation, a flailing economy, and an ongoing border crisis – issues Trump has already solved in his last term in office, and will do so again. It will certainly be interesting to see what transpires over the coming months leading up to the election!

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