Big Brother Alert: Biden’s Plan to Scan Your Face at Airport

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The Biden administration has recently found its way into another controversial topic, this time at the airports. The Transportation Security Administration has rolled out technology which allows airline passengers to have their faces scanned at the checkpoint rather than handing over a driver’s license or boarding pass for verification. 

Sound like something out of a big brother-esque dystopian future? It’s happening right now, and while it may be convenient, it is a severe risk to personal privacy and many feel as though they have no control over security agencies making decisions that could negatively affect them. In essence, this move by the TSA moves us ever-closer to total control from big brother. Whether we like it or not, the current situation is a cause for concern and warrants investigation.

Washington Examiner reports, At the same time that gas stoves are in the news, the Biden administration is facing another regulation controversy that could affect people’s daily lives.

The Transportation Security Administration began rolling out technology in December that allows airline passengers to be scanned at checkpoints rather than handing over drivers’ licenses or boarding passes.

Through the implementation of this technology, the TSA moves closer to automating identity verification, similar to how Customs and Border Protection scans the faces of incoming and outgoing international passengers.


White House Press Secretary Karine Jean Pierre was worried about racial bias in computer programming. .

The TSA, according to White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, is working to ensure the technology does not suffer from “demographic differentials” based on race and gender.

TSA facial recognition predates the Biden administration. First tested on international flights in 2017, the move was criticized at the time as motivated by immigration enforcement. San Francisco banned facial recognition software in 2019.

When Biden took office, a coalition of more than 40 civil rights groups sent him a letter opposing facial recognition. The groups said the technology could facilitate the mass tracking of people’s movements in public spaces.

As the Transportation Security Administration rolls out its facial recognition technology to replace driver’s license or boarding pass use for visual inspection, big brother has moved into the public consciousness. It’s becoming increasingly clear that this big brother is not reaching for a utopia but rather a dystopian future in which control and bias are still rampant. What’s also concerning is that airports have become hubs of big brother activity, making them almost unnervingly reminiscent of scenes straight out of a sci-fi government controlled future. . Given the TSA’s claim that it won’t suffer from demographic differences related to race or gender, one can only hope they are true to their words and remain a beacon of safety and security while implementing big brother control tactics.

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