ELON MUSK UNLOADS: Calls WEF ‘Ominous’ & Condemns Klaus Schwab’s ‘Master’ Plan!

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Elon Musk is sounding the alarm on a troublesome and unprecedented power grab by the World Economic Forum and its Chairman, Klaus Schwab. In an explosive series of Tweets, Musk has slammed Schwab’s ‘Master The Future’ plan as ‘ominous’, dubbing it a bid for global control and ‘freakish’ illuminati-like takeover. Are Schwab and the WEF trying to turn the planet into their own dastardly playground? With his rallying cry against corporate control, can Elon Musk help thwart the WEF’s attempts to take over our lives? Step up or step aside: it’s time to take a stand against this alarming agenda!

Klaus Schwab opened the World Economic Forum this week with a call to “master the future”, setting the tone for what has been seen as a meeting of globalist fascists. The meeting in Davos, Switzerland marks these elites coming together to plot ways to better their grip on rule over the world and extend their never ending reach into every corner and facet of life. This meeting comes under the theme of “cooperation in a fragmented world”, focusing largely on how public-private cooperation can tackle the numerous and interlinked challenges facing the planet. Yet, discussions are sure to emerge concerning furthering the power grab for a new world order.

Elon Musk is not one to mince words, and his latest jab at the World Economic Forum proves just that. Taking to Twitter, he made a biting comment about the group’s summit in Davos as an apparent response to an article stating that it was “a bid for global domination.”

His tweet said simply: “WEF does kind of give me the willies though, but I’m sure everything is fine”.

In another tweet Elon Musk asked a good question, “Are they trying to be the boss of Earth?”

Writing on twitter, “Master the Future” doesn’t sound ominous at all … 🙄  How is WEF/Davos even a thing? Are they trying to be the boss of Earth!?”

Unfortunately, many prominent Americans are attending. WEF reports that 20 Americans will attend this year’s event.

Among the names on the list are John Kerry, FBI Director Christopher Wray, RINO Governor Brian Kemp, Senator Joe Manchin, and my own Governor JB Pritzker.

In addition, RINO snake Paul Ryan and Anthony Scaramucci were spotted there.

Among the World Economic Forum’s priorities this year is “Misinformation”. As part of its annual event, the pro-censorship group has released a new report.

According to Summit News, as part of its annual meeting, the World Economic Forum (WEF) released a report titled “Global Risks Report 2023”. The report indicates that misinformation and disinformation are among the top global risks in the next two to ten years. “Misinformation and disinformation” are up there with fears of a world conflict, out of control inflation, food shortages, and other real calamities that could strike the planet in the near future according to the WEF narrative.

Elon Musk has been sounding the alarm on a troublesome and unprecedented power grab by the World Economic Forum and its Chairman, Klaus Schwab. With his ‘Master The Future’ plan, Schwab is attempting to gain control of governments across the world and establish an oppressive illuminati-like rule. Unfortunately, we know that there will be 20 Americans attending such an event – we must do what we can to stop these global facists before it’s too late. We must speak out against this kind of behavior now, or else we could soon face a grim future. Share this video now worldwide if you are tired of the WEF’s attempt to gain power over us all!

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