‘SHOWTIME FOR JOE?’ Rogan Suggests Aides Trying To Sacrifice Biden On The Altar Of Politics

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It looks like Joe Biden is in hot water after being implicated in a classified document scandal that has the media and political world abuzz. Democrats are starting to turn on the octogenarian, with even Obama’s former ethics chief publicly slamming him for inexcusable negligence. Rumors and speculation continue to fly: is there something bigger going on here? Is it possible his own aides are out to get him? The White House is engulfed in chaos as details of the scandal emerge and Republicans have taken aim at Biden with cries of foul play. “Biden in peril” indeed—can he manage to contain this fallout or will the Democratic be ousted from the 2024 race or ultimately the White House?

Recent events regarding President Biden’s classified documents scandal have echoed throughout the political zeitgeist. Joe Rogan has suggested that Biden aides are trying to get rid of him, with Obama’s ethics chief slamming the president for his inexcusable neglect of basic security protocols. However, Dan Bongino has offered a more intriguing theory – that something much bigger is going on — leading some to question whether Biden has simply been sacrificed on the altar of politics. Whatever twist this scandal takes next, it’s sure to keep us guessing as to its eventual conclusion.

Joe Rogan raised eyebrows on Saturday when he suggested that aides to President Joe Biden could be attempting to push him out of the White House before 2024 by leaking classified documents from his office. 

While there is no concrete evidence to suggest such a plan, it does make one wonder if Biden’s inner circle is looking for new leadership. It is understandable why aides might be eager to seek a change as many Americans are concerned about the current direction of the administration. If true, this suggests that Biden may have lost control and reveals the type of political maneuvering that happens behind the scenes.

On Monday, radio host Dan Bongino presented two theories on ‘Fox & Friends’ regarding the classified document scandal associated with Joe Biden. Bongino believes that this could either be a calculated effort by former president Obama to sabotage the current administration or a cover-up of mistakes made by Biden that are unlawful in nature. 

It appears the Biden administration has a lot to answer for, following this week’s revelation that classified documents were discovered in the President’s home and at the Biden Institute. Former Obama era ethics chief Walter Shaub was scathing in his criticism of Biden, labeling it “inexcusable neglect of most basic security protocols”, calling on the White House to undertake an immediate investigation. 

Shaub told Fox News “It’s nothing like Trump’s deliberate refusal to return classified records demanded by the National Archives, but Biden’s own retention of classified records reflects an inexcusable neglect of the most basic security protocols, The fact that the White House didn’t mention that records were found in more than one location when first asked about them was a breach of trust with the public and a self-inflicted wound.”

Congressman Adam Schiff’s comments on ABC’s “This Week” have highlighted the gravity of the security incident known as ‘GarageGate’. He has expressed concern over potential national security risks, suggesting a thorough investigation must be conducted. Even MSNBC hosts are now critical of the Biden administration’s handling of this situation, with Joe Scarborough going as far as to call it mismanagement “from day one”. The word on Capitol Hill has made its way to Ilhan Omar, who spoke in support of an appointed special prosecutor to further probe into what occurred, declaring that she is ‘glad’ to receive such news. With the severity of GarageGate coming into focus, it appears calls for increased accountability will continue until the full scope and ramifications come to light.

The brewing scandal surrounding Joe Biden has placed him in a difficult situation and will, without a doubt, impact his potential for the 2024 race for president. While much remains unknown about “GarageGate, it’s clear that Democrats paying attention as well as Republicans will be closely tracking how he handles this tricky ordeal. The implications are potentially devastating—the White House is now enveloped in upheaval and no one really knows if Biden will succumb to public punishment or manage to come out unscathed. All signs currently point to uncertainty; only time will tell if the Democratic will be ousted from the 2024 race or ultimately face the elimination of his residence at the White House.

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