DONALD DOMINATES DESANTIS!? New Poll Predicts Winner of Heated 2024 Primary Showdown

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Watch out, Ron DeSantis! A recent poll has predicted that the 2024 primary race is already determined – Donald Trump holds a MONSTER lead over the Florida Governor in an early hypothetical. It’s no surprise that Former President Trump, who continues to wield immense influence within the GOP, will be a major player in the upcoming election. Despite his popularity and influence among Republican constituencies, it will be interesting to see if Trump can actually keep up steam as other contenders begin to emerge. 

The latest poll from Morning Consult has put former President Trump firmly in the lead of a potential GOP primary with 48% support from potential Republican primary voters, far ahead of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis who received just 31%. This comes as a surprise to many, as recent polls since the November midterms had placed DeSantis either closing the gap or even taking the lead in some cases. Trailing behind were Mike Pence with 8%, Liz Cheney with 3%, Nikki Haley and Ted Cruz both at 2%. Trump’s strong showing here will no doubt be welcomed by his supporters and is sure to give those against him something to think about.

During an interview on “The Water Cooler” on RealAmerica’s Voice, Trump remarked on the possibility of DeSantis running for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination with three simple yet threatening words: “We’ll handle that.” This remark brings us back to the familiar tactics of Trump’s 2016 presidential election campaign, where he attacked his opponents with a ruthlessness and assertiveness rarely seen before in American politics. By saying “We’ll handle that,” it appears as though Trump is warning possible opponents in the next race to think twice about going against him–and if they do, then prepare for a tumultuous ride.

Desantis should beware: Trump warned that all claims of Desantis entering the Republican presidential primary race in 2024 would be “handled”; a bold threat from the President in an attempt to ward off Desantis. The Morning Consult Poll released Wednesday showed Desantis with 31 percent support among potential Republican primary voters, second only to Trump’s 48 percent. Desantis has not made an official announcement, but it is clear that he has become the subject of much speculation surrounding his presidential aspirations. Whether Desantis will officially enter the race remains to be seen, but what is certain is that Trump will be watching carefully, and Desantis can expect significant pushback if he chooses to run against The Donald.

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Next News Network Team

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