SHOCKING: CNN HAS DONE THE IMPOSSIBLE!? Breaking Story On Biden Crime Family

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It’s either hell has frozen over or the worm has officially turned for Joe Biden! In an unprecedented move, CNN – a news source historically known to give Democrats leeway on corruption and scandals – has broken the news of family corruption in the Biden household. This comes as a true shock to even the most jaded political analysts. Whether or not this means that real change is occurring within legacy media outlets remains to be seen, but with such an alleged story reported after years of silence, one thing is for sure: we should all be asking why this sudden turn?

It has been two years since the Hunter Biden laptop scandal first erupted, and yet the mainstream media has only recently awoken to its relevance. Initially derided and censored by leading liberal outlets such as CNN, the New York Post was ultimately vindicated by events. A recent full report aired on CNN has now stirred up the question; has the media finally turned against Joe Biden?

CNN reported on the House GOP investigation into the Biden Crime family, admitting that Joe Biden’s family was profiting from the ‘Biden’ name and they even reported on Hunter’s Laptop.

It appears the networks and the Democrats have finally turned on the Biden Crime Family. CNN’s report serves as the nail in the coffin, indicating the liberal network recognizes the same facts that journalists from conservative outlets reported on nearly three years ago. With the president now projecting he will run again in 2024, the gloves have come off. The classified documents scandal and the accompanying corruption allegations have been undeniably damaging to Biden, which has forced the Democrats to throw Old Joe under the bus before he campaigns for a second term. And now the ball is rolling as CNN has officially turned against Joe Biden with this report.

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Next News Network Team

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