GUNSLINGER MOMMA? Iowa Mother Disarms Would Be Abductors In Dramatic Showdown

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Protecting yourselves and those dear to you has always been a most natural instinct, but for American citizens it is also a legal right. For centuries, the Second Amendment has served as a strong bulwark in defense of freedom and justice. Whenever tragedy strikes, Americans can be reassured that their fundamental rights are safeguarded by this powerful document. And with evil still making headlines today, what could have been yet another heartbreaking story of loss is instead transformed into a triumphant tale of courage and survival, thanks to the wisdom enshrined in the Second Amendment.

Who would be so hateful as to try and kidnap a mother’s son? That was the sobering reality faced by an Iowa family, but luckily it was averted thanks to this mother’s quick-thinking. By bravely confronting her assailants with her own gun, she prevented what could have been a tragedy. It is both heartbreaking that such events take place and reassuring at the same time, as they do sometimes exemplify humankind’s ability to come together in difficult times. We know the left would have loved the ending to be much more different.

Town Hall reports, An armed Iowa mother reportedly fended off two people attempting to kidnap her son by drawing her gun earlier this month. 

According to Fox News, Michael Ernest Ross, 43, and Laurie Lynn Potter, 57, were the two who attempted to kidnap Lindberg’s son.

Lindberg described the two individuals to Will Hunter, the security guard on the skywalk, after the incident. KDSM added that Hunter was familiar with Potter, since his company collects the names of those who cause problems on the skywalk. While waiting for the police to arrive, he followed the pair around. 

Per Mar Security has guarded the skywalk since 2020, when the Skywalk Association hired the firm after a couple was assaulted by teens.

FOX 6 reported, The victims, a Des Moines man and his girlfriend, were walking home from the Iowa Wild game at Wells Fargo Arena through the skywalk — an elevated passageway connecting buildings downtown — when they encountered a large group of juveniles near the downtown YMCA.

The Security Firm has done a great job surveilling since taking over.

Polk County Jail records show Potter and Ross were charged with felony Child Stealing on Jan. 5.

The woman was on probation when she was charged with two counts of probation violation.

CLOSE. Any day we hear a woman was able to defend herself with a gun is a great day. It’s unfortunate that we live in a world where this is necessary, but thanks to the Second Amendment, women have the opportunity to defend themselves. Perhaps if that couple that was brutally assaulted had one that incident could have been avoided. We must continue to fight for this amendment, so that all Americans can have the same opportunity for protection. Criminals don’t follow the law for reason and the less protected a community is the more vulnerable they are. The majority would much rather hear news of a person taking out a criminal than an innocent person being killed by a criminal. The second amendment allows for us to have the heroic story line time and time again.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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