BREAKING: ‘GUN CONTROL FAILS!’ Judge Halts Red Coat Pritzker’s Move, Patriot Tom Devore Victorious

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Governor JB Pritker, who had hopes of becoming President one day, has realized his ultimate dream in Illinois – but not the way he planned. Last week’s enactment of an unprecedented assault weapons ban was meant to be a victory for tyrants and a defeat for patriots. However Tom Devore — former GOP nominee for Attorney General–has forced Pritker back into line with Constitution protectors everywhere delivering him a crushing blow that could cause catastrophic damage if left unchecked!

This morning, Thomas DeVore threw a wrench into Governor Pritzker’s plan by filing an explosive lawsuit in Effingham County to challenge his assault weapons ban. The legislation, which sailed through last week despite vocal opposition from Second Amendment advocates across the country, was a major coup for Pritzker and other political elites who have had their sights set on changing the nation’s gun laws for decades. But with Tom DeVore leading the charge against this brazen attempt to infringe on citizens’ Constitutional rights, their dreams of control have quickly come crashing down around them. Through his advocacy and legal action, Devore has sent out a thunderous warning that those who threaten our liberties will not be tolerated.

As JB Pritker hobnobbed with the global fascists in Davos at the World Economic Forum, the Judge in Effingham County handed Pritzker a stunning defeat in the 11am emergency hearing, upholding plaintiffs’ constitutional right to bear arms with an official temporary restraining order. All documents pertaining to this case have been made available for public viewing – just click “MORE” below!

In an exclusive only to NEXT NEWS, Devore provided this statement:

Illinois review reports, the state’s new gun control law, considered to be the nation’s most comprehensive ban on firearms and large-capacity magazines, has been fiercely contested by constitutional experts. They maintain that this legislation strips away the rights of citizens who wish to possess commonly owned weapons and ammo for self defense or other lawful reasons.

Pritzker warned conservatives that failure to follow the law would be met with swift and severe repercussions, sending a strong message during his post-ceremony press conference.

Pritzker aggressively threatened to dismiss any police officers that refused to enforce a blatantly unconstitutional weapon ban.

As Illinois faces an unprecedented constitutional crisis, the Governor jetted off to mingle with  the powerful Global Fascists at Davos’s World Economic Forum. Amidst discussions of global finance and international affairs, he bluntly called out his Republican colleagues with a bizarre accusation about “space lasers”.

The Global Fascists thought they had Illinois firmly in their grip, but the unprecedented constitutional crisis sparked by Governor Pritzker’s unconstitutional assault weapons ban was quickly extinguished with Thomas DeVore’s explosive lawsuit. Through this bold action, DeVore sends a clear, powerful message to their ilk, that those who threaten our liberties will not be tolerated — and while the ruling may have been a major coup for Global Fascists and political elites alike, it’s also quite a wake-up call. Tom DeVore has effectively delivered Americans from oppression, for now, and scored a major victory for our constitutional rights. You can do your part right now and share this video to all corners of our great nation.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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