Explosive Reveal: Biden & DOJ Accused of Unholy Conspiracy to Conceal Secrets!

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After 68 days of secrecy, the Biden White House and the Department of Justice have been caught in a shocking attempt to hide what is potentially one of the greatest scandals in recent history. Instead of coming clean to the public about the classified document scandal, these officials chose to sweep it under the rug in order to maintain their political standing. Now, white house officials are left scrambling as they face suspicion over their suspiciously long silence on this situation. One thing is clear – when it comes to transparency, this administration has failed its citizens both here and abroad.

It appears that the Biden administration has been caught attempting to conceal their potentially incriminating involvement in a conspiracy. A recent discovery hints that the Biden’s lawyers and Justice Department investigators both had a secret agreement to keep the matter quiet, and tried to hide classified documents found in Biden’s Delaware home. CBS News recently confirmed these theories by reaching out to the White House for comment. However, Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre continues to assert that the current presidential term is being transparent – an especially bold statement considering recent findings.

Neither the Department of Justice (DOJ) nor the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) revealed any information to the public in November, leading to speculation that they were trying to protect Joe Biden. It has been disputed, however, since no proper manner of action has been disclosed.

Breitbart reports, The Justice Department (DOJ) is said to have sent a confidential letter to the lawyers of President Joe Biden, requesting that they search his multiple homes for any classified documents that may be present after the discovery of a stockpile at the Penn Biden Center on November 2.

The Department of Justice and Joe Biden’s personal lawyers agreed to conceal the scandal from the public, prompting a broader investigation into potential misconduct.

Now White House officials are reportedly suspicious about how the press recently discovered a classified document scandal involving President Joe Biden. According to sources, the violation remained secret for 68 days before being exposed in the media, and only a small group of White House and Justice Department personnel were privy to it.

Eight of Joe Biden’s closest confidants, with the Justice Department’s approval, initially planned to keep a scandal under wraps. However, 68 days later, CBS News got wind of it when Biden’s personal attorney discovered some confidential documents at the Penn Biden Center – which is partially funded by anonymous Chinese donations. It remains unclear why his legal team was searching through the center or what exactly they were looking for.

As Joe Biden toured storm damage in California today, he scolded a female reporter who asked him about the controversy and proclaimed that he has ‘no regrets’ for hiding the docs until after the midterms.

The White House is in full-blown panic mode over the mystery leaker, as the Biden administration and the Department of Justice secretly sought to search the residence of Biden officials in the hopes of finding the classified documents. After 68 days of successfully keeping the scandal a secret, press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre’s assertion that the current presidential term is transparent seems to be nothing more than an empty statement. To top it off, the President himself proclaimed that he had “no regrets” for the hidden documents. All signs are pointing to the White House house of cards slowly but surely collapsing, and it’s only a matter of time before the truth is revealed.

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