Meatless Takeover: Billionaires Push Populace To Obey Their Orders?

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Are wealthy elites scheming to rule the world through meatless diets? Recent reports suggest that powerful billionaires are using their influence to force a meatless agenda on the populace, brainwashing them into Entomophagy with promises of a global utopia. But could these plans be part of a sinister plot to control our food choices, erasing freedom of choice in what we eat while sacrificing our basic rights? What will happen if we refuse to obey their orders and resist this meatless takeover? Get ready – the battle over our plates is just beginning!

Entomophagy is the practice of eating insects, and it’s being pushed at the World Economic Forum right now as a more sustainable food source than eating meat. Its part of an agenda spearheaded by global elites to take control of people’s diets, as well as their basic freedoms. The implications for our diets would be dire if this agenda comes to fruition, but CNBC claims it’s just a conspiracy theory.

Breitbart reports, the chairman of the largest industrial manufacturing company in Europe told a panel at the World Economic Forum that one billion people should stop eating meat to save the climate.

At the annual globalist meeting in Davos, Switzerland on Wednesday, Jim Hagemann Snabe, the Danish chairman of Siemens, pushed the Great Reset agenda of replacing meat with synthetic proteins.

Summit News reports. A CNBC broadcast on Thursday claimed that anyone who questions the world economic forum’s intentions as nefarious is likely to be a conspiracy theorist who believes in lizard people.

Semafor Editor-In-Chief Ben Smith was platformed by the network after he mocked Elon Musk for whipping up conspiracies about the Davos elite on Twitter. Musk described the WEF as “an unelected world government.”

Indeed, the WEF explicitly encourages people to eat insects via its website and social media platform. Don’t believe me? Look at these tweets!

Still don’t believe me? Here’s some video of them promoting this hot new “trend”.

Despite billionaire’s promises of utopia, their plan to rid the world of meat consumption raises questions about the effectiveness, safety, and impact of entomophagy. After all, who will benefit from a world where billionaires are able to dictate what we eat? Are our basic freedoms being sacrificed for world domination? The World Economic Forum may try to convince us that replacing beef burgers with bug bars is the answer, but most people know better than to put their trust solely in elitist rulers. In the end, it looks like this meatless agenda will only erode our health and our choices rather than providing any real solutions.

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