California Election Mystery: Over 10 Million Ballots “Unaccounted For” in 2022 – What Happened?

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Given the current state of affairs here in America, and all of the doubts surrounding voting systems and the ability to have safe and fair elections, the news has broken that over 10 million mail in ballots from California are unaccounted for.

These ballots represent disenfranchised voters who expect and deserve accountability and fairness from their government. In a country where freedom is our right, citizens must be able to trust that their votes are counted–not just assumed to ‘disappear’ because of the failure to account for millions of mail-in ballots. Californians have the right to fair and transparent elections free from mismanagement, and these findings should profoundly alarm us all.

Breitbart reports, According to data published by the Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF), 10.8 million mail-in ballots went unaccounted for in California’s midterm elections last year.

According to PILF data, California election officials mailed out more than 22.1 million ballots to registered voters in 2022. According to researchers, 10.8 million ballots went “unaccounted for” as election officials can only guess what happened to them.

In November 2022, more than 10 million ballots were left outstanding after accounting for votes cast at polling places and rejected ballots. Most of these were either ignored or discarded by their intended recipients. Nevertheless, we can only guess what happened in the mass mail elections. The information gap surrounding mail voting practices is insurmountable. No one at the same address knows how many ballots were disregarded, delivered to the wrong mailbox, or even withheld from the proper recipient.

Even with all of the issues facing mail in balloting and general early voting another liberal ran state has shot down any effort to fix the system.

Az Central writes, The state Court of Appeals has ruled that Arizona’s early voting system is constitutional, preserving a popular voting method.

It is the second legal defeat for the Arizona Republican Party and its chair, Kelli Ward, who sued last year to eliminate early voting before the 2022 elections.

An appeals court dismissed the party’s argument that mail-in voting violates the state constitution’s secrecy clause, which requires voters to conceal their choices on ballots.

The court found that the state’s mail-in, or early voting, process maintains secrecy by requiring voters to fill out their ballots in secret and seal them in an envelope that does not reveal their choices.

Voter fraud has been a big concern this past year and this new information is sure to raise plenty of eyebrows across the nation. It’s time for California to demand answers and take a hard look at how it approaches future elections. It’s unacceptable for such large numbers of ballots to go unaccounted for with no oversight whatsoever!

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