New Orleans Mayor SCRAMBLING After Court Records Reveal A Life of Devilish sin

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 New Orleans has always held a special place in the hearts of tourists across the globe, who come to feel the history and culture of this vibrant city. Unfortunately, its reputation is beginning to suffer from the increasing scandals coming from its current Mayor. Instead of spending her time working for the citizens of New Orleans, it appears that she is more concerned with living life according to her own desires, despite how it adversely affects both her position and the reputation of New Orleans itself. Her time has come to be replaced.

New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell (D-LA) is facing public scrutiny for an alleged affair with her former security officer, amidst one of the most trying times for the city. As New Orleans struggles in its attempt to shake off its dubious title as one of the most dangerous cities in America, questions are being raised about Mayor Cantrell’s judgment and her ability to focus on what matters most: making a safer future for the citizens of New Orleans. With violence rates soaring and little improvement in sight, there needs to be accountability from all those involved. Despite all this she’s too busy living her best life as they say.

The Washington Examiner reports, LaToya Cantrell (D-LA) is accused of having an affair with a former security officer, according to recent divorce papers.

A divorce petition filed on Jan. 4 alleges the New Orleans Police Department officer Jeffrey Vappie is having an “ongoing sexual relationship” with someone referred to as “Mrs. L.C.”. An unidentified source told NBC affiliate WDSU that the woman is Cantrell.

WDSU News reported the bombshell allegations.

According to the filer, Vappie’s wife discovered the affair in November 2022. Cantrell’s relationship with her former security officer, who was placed under investigation in November after a news organization highlighted alleged payroll irregularities, has been raised in the filing.

According to, It is alleged that Vappie engaged in a “sexual relationship” with “L.C.” on at least 10 dates in August and September 2022. The surveillance footage of Vappie and Cantrell spent hours alone in an apartment owned by the city on all ten dates.

Despite not being assigned to Cantrell’s detail, Vappie is still employed by the New Orleans Police Department.

Although Cantrell’s office has not commented on the divorce proceedings, the mayor is facing a recall petition after multiple scandals. In November, Cantrell denied any wrongdoing.

Among the corruption the mayor has been accused of, it’s no surprise the people of New Orleans want to recall her.

She had previously been involved in a scandal involving excessive first-class flights that she was recently forced to repay, and allegations that she was using her position to live in a luxury apartment without paying rent, Fox News reported. She recently agreed to repay the excess first-class flights. In the latest accusation, the mayor of New Orleans is accused of improperly paying her stylist a large sum of money.

The people of New Orleans have a duty to take decisive action and push out the current state of their mayor. The reputation of this beloved city stands at stake as its leadership is held captive by a mayor who leaves only scandal behind them. The great city of New Orleans should not be looking like a laughing stock, however given the mayor’s incompetence in providing meaningful governance, the standing of the city has become tainted. It is therefore crucial for the citizens to step up and voice out their opinion by making an effort to remove this disgrace from office and install someone who is more capable, just, and honest as leader of this amazing city. A change needs to happen now in order for New Orleans to keep its historical prestige in the United States.

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