CNN, FOX Ignore Fiery Reality Of “Peaceful” Leftist Riots in Atlanta but Videos Don’t Lie

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It seems like the truth about leftist riots in Atlanta has gone up in smoke! Reports of burning buildings and anti-police protests, all caught on video, have led CNN and FOX to call the situation peaceful. However, the video tells a different story but is being denied by the media giants, leaving citizens with yet another reason to not trust the media any longer. 

CNN’s narrative is at odds with viewers left asking questions such as: Was violence involved? How does this relate to leftist protesting? Is it what’s really being reported, or is this simply propaganda? It appears only time will tell – but for now we can agree one thing is clear: a leopard can’t change its spots.

Gaslighting is a widely used strategy by the left to win public opinion. CNN has been particularly guilty of gaslighting in order to portray unrest caused by Antifa, BLM and other leftist groups as “fiery but peaceful”. This propagandizing technique was seen at the height of left-led rioting in Atlanta, which was barely acknowledged truthfully by CNN amidst its biased narrative painting. Unfortunately, such tactics employed by the left have become so widespread that it is losing its potency as more people learn to recognize it for what it is – an attempt by the political left to deceive its audience through manipulation of facts.

And then there is this. David Peisner, the freelance journalist who suggested Antifa wasn’t violent during the Atlanta riots, supported the violent protester who was at the center of the controversy.

In the days leading up to his appearance, his Twitter account, however, showed him retweeting a GoFundMe for Manuel Esteban Paez Teran, the alleged shooter at state troopers in Georgia.

But the gaslighting wasn’t limited to CNN.

Congresswoman Margorie Taylor Greene pointed out on twitter, “The Atlanta media is already running damage control for the Antifa terrorists but fail miserably. This “reporter” tries to push a“peaceful protest” narrative as a police car is engulfed in flames.Disgraceful @FOX5Atlanta”

It should be noted On Wednesday, a confrontation took place at the future site of the $90 million Atlanta training center – the so-called “Cop City” when officers entered the autonomous zone and were allegedly attacked by Antifa members. One cop was severely injured while one Antifa member died. The tragic altercation resulted in an outcry from Antifa which led to the call-for of a ‘Night of Rage’ to protest what they view as police brutality.

It’s been caught yet again: the left has been caught gaslighting the public into supporting its violent agenda. Despite video evidence of burning buildings and anti-police protests across Atlanta, CNN and FOX have called it a “peaceful” situation. It’s quite clear that someone is trying to cover for the Antifa and BLM terrorists who have taken control of this city—and these media giants are, sadly, complicit in their deceptions. As more people become aware of the tactics employed by the left to deceive its audience through manipulation of facts, it becomes even harder to deny that Atlanta leftists riots truth has gone up in smoke!

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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