Outrage as Declaration of Independence Ravaged By Kamala to Force Abortion Rights

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The founding fathers are rolling in their graves right now as Kamala goes on a rampage to force everybody to accept abortion rights. In an effort to expand abortion access, Kamala has gone so far as to defile the Declaration of Independence – the document that symbolizes liberty and freedom! The fact she is rewriting our most sacred document to advance her abortion agenda has created outrage from many people across the USA. 

The public outrage only grows when you consider Kamala’s shock move to travel all the way down to DeSantis’ Turf in order to promote her extreme liberal abortion rights initiative. The ground-breaking attitude of Kamala’s disregard for the founding principles of America should have every American horrified at what lengths she would go for abortions.

On Sunday, Kamala Harris chose to speak on the 50th anniversary of Roe vs Wade at The Moon in Tallahassee, Florida. During her speech, she targeted Governor Ron DeSantis for his ban on abortions after 15 weeks. However, what was even more striking than her words was what she left out — namely the “right to life” and “Creator” when explaining where our rights originate from. Watch the disgusting disrespect in this video of her abhorrent remarks now.

Correction, Kamala, they belong to us because we are all children of the Most High God.

Here’s what it actually says Kamala.

Anita Kahrs tweeted in response to Kamala’s defilement, “How nice of @VP to take it upon herself to rewrite the Declaration of Independence of the United States of America. Not surprising though given Democrats are always distorting and ignoring all our founding documents, beliefs and values.”

Maggie Cavallaro Lott reacted, “Is that not breaching her oath of office? Is this not dereliction of duty? Can she not be removed for this? I mean there’s no checks and balances to remove people from office! No justice.”

Ray responded, “Biden/Harris are just evil. They are anti-God & anti-America. No question about it.”

You may recall the infamous gaffe made by Joe Biden while on the campaign trail a few years ago, when he gave a rather bewildering rendition of the Declaration of Independence. Instead of clearly reciting the historic document, Biden seemed to fumble his words and say, “All men and women created by the, go, you know, the thing…” It was an embarrassing moment for Biden and certainly not one he will soon forget.

Kamala Harris’s attempt to rewrite the Declaration of Independence to advance her abortion agenda is an outrageous disrespect of our nation’s founding fathers and the entire American people. There is no denying that Kamala has disgraced both the office of Vice President and America itself with this disgusting act. To see Kamala carelessly toss aside the right to life, as well as our Creator, in favor of her own abortion ideology shows how little she takes into consideration our most sacred document – and what it symbolizes for us all. Kamala has not only insulted and shamed every American with this stunt, but she has also denied our most basic freedom – the freedom that is guaranteed by our Creator.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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