Biden Blasts DeSantis: Blocking Black “Queer” History?!

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The Biden administration’s condemnation of the Florida Governor’s decision to block a controversial African American course from being taught in public high schools was met with disbelief – DeSantis is a hero for keeping woke agenda and liberal lunacy out of Florida! It’s incomprehensible that the White House would be outraged by an effort to protect children from the left’s increasingly radical woke agenda. 

On Friday, the Biden administration was stunned and furious to see the brave stand that Ron DeSantis had made in blocking a course in wokeism from being forced into Florida’s public high schools. The course, taught by a flagrant woke agenda and bleeding with liberal lunacy, had no place in American classrooms. 

Daily wire reports. Biden administration on Friday criticized Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’s decision to block the state’s public high schools from teaching a controversial African American studies course, even as leaks drew attention to the course’s woke content.

Earlier this week, the Florida Department of Education informed the College Board that it would not allow the new course in its schools. However, many, including the White House, have criticized the decision, suggesting that Florida is preventing black history from being taught.

Let’s see the White House’s reaction. 

After the White house took some shots at Desantis’s decision to not allow the radical course to be taught, Desantis had a few comments on the issue.

The College Board’s AP African American Studies course is currently in its pilot phase, and the curriculum has not been publicly released. The Florida Standard obtained a leaked copy of the curriculum, which shows a woke streak.

In African American studies, Kimberle Crenshaw’s “Mapping the Margins: Intersectionality, Identity Politics, and Violence Against Women of Color ” will likely be examined, according to the curriculum. This reading focuses on the different ways minorities can be oppressed, a term that woke academics use to emphasize the intersectionality of oppression. It also recommends reading “The Case for Reparations,” by Ta-Nehisi Coats, and includes a section on “Black Queer Studies.”

A Desantis administration statement told The Daily Wire the White House press secretary was “demonstrably incorrect” to call the state’s decision incomprehensible.

Desantis’s team stated “The study of African American history is not only permitted under Governor Ron DeSantis but required by law,” said Press Secretary Bryan Griffin. “In fact, the teaching of African American history has been expanded in Florida since Governor Ron DeSantis took office.”

The Biden administration’s attack on Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for blocking a ‘controversial’ African American studies course from being taught in the state’s public high schools is incomprehensible and yet another example of woke liberal lunacy running rampant. DeSantis is to be commended for standing up against woke agendas, even in the face of angry criticism. He deserves praise for keeping Florida free and maintaining safe standards of learning that reject wokeism and similar anti-intellectual notions. Ultimately, DeSantis should be seen as a hero who stood up against woke ideologies and woke liberals at every turn.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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