Breaking: MTG Announces War on Domestic Terrorists!

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Ever since the Atlanta riot over the weekend, war has been declared between Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene and domestic terrorist group Antifa. With her announcement of a bill to outlaw Antifa, Greene has taken it upon herself to take action against the left-wing organization.

As citizens look up to their elected leaders for protection, they can be comforted knowing that MTG is on the case, leading the fight with firm determination against terror on the streets! Now she is spearheading her mission in Congress and placing Antifa firmly in its crosshairs with a call to action – it’s time for Congress to reclaim peace and Greene looks set to bring domestic terrorists to justice in her war against Antifa.

During an appearance on Tucker Carlson’s show Monday evening, the Georgia Republican announced she would introduce legislation to declare the group a domestic terrorist group.

Second before she appeared Tucker went on a scathing rant blasting the press for their willful negligence in reporting on the truth about Antifa instead choosing to target law abiding American gun owners.

Following the rant Greene appeared to lay out the case against Antifa and the need for her bill to declare them “Domestic Terrorists”.

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene has launched a war against the domestic terrorist group Antifa in the wake of the Atlanta riots. By announcing a bill to outlaw Antifa, MTG has taken clear action and is leading the charge against terror on the streets. Citizens need their elected officials to provide guidance and protect them from terror, and MTG is sending a strong message – it’s time for Congress to take back control of the peace by exposing who is behind this left-wing organization. By speaking out, she is encouraging Congress to join her war on terrorism and take firm measures to bring Antifa to justice. MTG’s war against Antifa is raising awareness that it is time for Congress to step up and defend citizens from those perpetrating violence on our streets.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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