See McCarthy Lose It: Explosive Debate! McCarthy Charges on & Trolls Lefty Reporters!

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See McCarthy lose it as he takes a heated exchange to the next level and slams lefty reporters in an epic roast over the House Intel Committee appointments. In an explosive debate that shook the halls of Capitol Hill, McCarthy refused to put Swalwell and Schiff on the panel – triggering outrage with his refusal to give them access to Intel resources. Don’t miss this epic showdown as McCarthy shuts down their rabid attack and leaves them speechless!

On Tuesday evening, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy caused some serious commotion when he took a firm stance on not allowing Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell to serve on the House Intelligence Committee in the future. In an unexpected turn of events, McCarthy made his opinion abundantly clear during a Q&A session with reporters. His blunt stance caused many in the media room to catch their breath as it signaled a pivotal shift for American politics. The decision also serves as an example of McCarthy’s strong leadership capabilities – as well as his willingness to stand up for himself and what he believes is right in order to effectively lead Congress. Here’s the epic moment McCarthy showed the press there’s a new sheriff in town.

McCarthy tweeted his formal rejection of Swalwell and Schiff. “I have rejected the appointments of Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell for the House Intelligence Committee. I am committed to returning the House Intel Committee to one of genuine honesty and credibility that regains the trust of the American people.”

On twitter Schiff rescinded calling it “political payback” tweeting, “Kevin McCarthy just kicked me and @RepSwalwell off the Intelligence Committee. This is petty, political payback for investigating Donald Trump. If he thinks this will stop me, he will soon find out just how wrong he is. I will always defend our democracy.”

I hate to break it to you Adam, but payback is a bitch as they say.

Swallwell responded on twitter as well, threatening that he isn’t going away, tweeting, “This rejection is based on a claim that the Washington Post independent-fact checker gave 4 Pinocchios. Speaker Boehner and Ryan, both Gang of 8 members, appointed me to Intel with access to the same facts McCarthy is distorting. He can keep me off Intel, but I’m not going away.”

Collin Rugg reacted tweeting, “BREAKING: McCarthy rejects the appointments of Schiff & Swalwell for the House Intelligence Committee. A Russian collusion conspiracy theorist & someone with a Chinese spy fetish should never be on the Intel Committee.”

Tom Fitton, of Judicial watch applauded the move tweeting, “@JudicialWatch applauds @SpeakerMcCarthy’s decision to reject Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell for positions on the House Intelligence Committee. Both men abused their offices and the Committee to target and smear @RealDonaldTrump and other innocent Americans.”

Fitton attached this video to his tweet.

There is a new sheriff in town, and his name is Kevin McCarthy. He made it abundantly clear on Tuesday evening that he does not want Adam Schiff or Eric Swalwell to serve on the House Intelligence Committee in the future. His firm stance was a breath of fresh air for many conservatives, as it signals a major turning point for American politics; no longer should conspiracy theorists like Adam Schiff, who has pushed the Russian collusion conspiracy for years, or those with a “Chinese spy fetish” such as Swalwell have a place in discussions related to intelligence matters. McCarthy’s actions are a much-needed reminder that our leaders must be truthful and uncompromised when discussing these matters going forward.

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