What Does The Great Reset Mean For Meat Eaters?

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 The dystopian future of Big Brother controlling what we can and cannot eat is almost too scary to imagine, but according to the leftist agenda it’s quickly becoming a reality. The World Economic Forum’s recent decision to push their ‘Great Reset’ which calls for a “billion people to stop eating meat” is a disturbing step towards it.

The dystopian implications are are a chilling reminder that power-hungry billionaires will go to great lengths to control the masses. This dystopian call for the public to ingest as little animal products as possible is just another example of how governments will try and manipulate citizens into compliance. It’s no wonder that truth-tellers like us are sounding the alarm bells over this sinister Great Reset agenda.

Townhall reports. Politicians are waging a war against meat, claiming it will save the planet someday from so-called “climate change.” 

Data show that only 2 percent of Americans are vegetarians, and only 0.5 percent are vegans, but Democrats continue to drive a wedge between those who eat meat and those who do not. 

Siemens’ chairman Jim Hagemann Snabe pushed the Left’s Great Reset agenda at the World Economic Forum by advocating for Americans to eat less meat and replace it with synthetic proteins.


When it comes to fake meat the WEF is all in on the transition to a meatless future.

The Siemens’ boss claimed that giving up meat for 11 years would offset Thailand’s air travel emissions. 

He did not admit, however, that he and the attendees traveled by private jet. 

Greenpeace found significant increases in short-haul private jet flights to airports near WEF headquarters during the 2022 WEF summit.

Additionally, the WEF advocates eating insects instead of meat to reduce global warming.

As a result, if the Left followed their own “follow the science” advice, they would know that cutting meat from our diets would result in a 4.3 percent decrease in emissions.

The dystopian world envisioned by Green parties and their billionaire backers is a frightening one. They seek to restrict the free societies we live in and impose their will on us all with the goal of changing our behavior through the ‘Great Reset.’ Their latest attempt, calling for a ‘billion people to stop eating meat,’ is yet another indication that the Big Brother future they seek is quickly moving closer. It’s time for us to wake up and realize that this evil agenda won’t just impact those who choose to eat meat, but every citizen in our society who wishes to continue living in a free society.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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