BOOM!! Don Lemon EXPOSED For Spreading Fake News On DeSantis!

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 It looks like Don Lemon has not learned his lesson that facts and truth matter. After being demoted to a morning show with little viewership, the anchor is back at it again with lies. This time Lemon is targeting Florida Ron DeSantis, making false claims about a new policy of his. It seems that no matter what happens in the world, Don Lemon still believes he can spin news into his own narrative. Joke’s on him, no one cares what he has to say.

It is unfortunate that CNN has chosen to focus its attention on the political controversy surrounding Florida’s decision to deny the College Board an opportunity to run a pilot AP course on African American Studies. Host Don Lemon dedicated his CNN demoted Morning show to discuss Governor DeSantis’s move uphold anti-crt courses in upper level education, but it appears that this story falls within the “opinion first, facts last” on CNN. With their focus seeming to be more on political grandstanding than on any real discussion of the issues at hand.

News buster reports, On CNN yesterday morning, Don Lemon discussed Ron DeSantis’ decision to uphold the Florida Department of Education’s decision that denied the College Board the opportunity to run a pilot AP (Advanced Placement) course on African American Studies that explores themes like intersectionality and activism..”

Here is Don Lemon’s dramatic introduction of the evils of Desantis.

CNN correspondent Audie Cornish gave her input on the matter by jokingly implying that people are calling it the “Don’t Say Black Bill”

During the interview, CNN’s Audie Cornish said, “I don’t know where he wants to draw the line. Slavery was political at one point.” Mocking DeSantis as though he does not know what he’s doing.

Lemon knows that DeSantis is not proposing to ban the teaching of slavery. DeSantis, however, objects to African American history being taught from a hard-left perspective. According to the curriculum in question, that is exactly what is being proposed. Avowed Communist Party die-hards like Angela Davis suggest that students wouldn’t be taught: they’d be indoctrinated in CRT, BLM, and history.

In numerous remarks, Cornish raised the question of where the line should be drawn between education and politics.

We all know the answer to that. When education returns to academics and students are learning how to make a living in the real world with meaningful degrees.

With the Left insisting on its right to indoctrinate, vouchers seem like the answer. Parents should have the right and ability to educate their children according to their values.

Conservative parents these days are scared to death of sending their kids to public schools, and for good reason. Our entire educational system has been overrun with liberal ideals and ideologies, pushing a narrative that’s dangerously out of bounds with modern society. Democrats have pushed further and further into almost all facets of life, rooting out more conservative values by the hour, in their minds thinking everyone will eventually come around. Unfortunately this has had immense consequences on our youth who are consistently being exposed to one-sided opinions without any sort of level set ground which could teach them how to form their own ideas and opinions. Parents need to take control back from the liberal grip before it’s too late. 

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Next News Network Team

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