Breaking Alert! DOJ, 8 States Sue Google Over Digital Ads Hidden Agenda

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 In an attempt to break up monopoly, the DOJ has filed a second antitrust lawsuit against Google this year for their monopoly on digital ads. The DOJ’s investigation alleges that Google is too big for the competition with their one-stop shop monopoly of buying, selling and running its ad exchange. 

The Department of Justice signed off on yet another antitrust lawsuit against Google, this time alleging monopoly practices in the world of digital ads. With eight states joining the fight, they are making it clear that they no longer want a single corporate behemoth to dominate the tech space and that they will use their full legal force to ensure competition exists.

Breitbart reports, a second antitrust lawsuit is being filed against Google by the Department of Justice over its monopoly in digital ads. The tech giant has operated in both the buying and selling of ads, in addition to running its ad exchange.

California, Colorado, Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Tennessee, and Virginia join the DOJ in its latest lawsuit.


There has been a lot of build up to have this lawsuit filed.

CNN reports,  Many critics of Google have claimed that the company’s role in the digital ecosystem, which allows advertisers to place ads and publishers to offer digital ad space, represents a conflict of interest that Google has exploited anti competitively.

CNN obtained a copy of the Justice Department’s complaint alleging that Google has actively and illegally maintained its dominance by thwarting competition. The US government charged that Google absorbed rivals through anticompetitive mergers and bullied publishers and advertisers into using its proprietary ad technology.

According to Attorney General Merrick Garland, Google’s anticompetitive behavior has resulted in lower ad revenues for websites and publishers, as well as higher advertising costs for marketers. Even the US government was harmed by Google’s tools, according to the complaint, which named the US Army as one of multiple government advertisers. According to the complaint, the US government has spent $100 million on online ads since 2019.

The Department of Justice’s lawsuit against Google marks a new era in competition and innovation. With Google having an unfair advantage of dominating the digital ads market through operating on both the buying side and selling side, the DOJ is right to take action and protect competition by creatively using antitrust law. This legal action will ensure competition remains at the forefront and allows for innovation from still-standing competition in the industry, limiting the amount of power big tech companies like Google can wield.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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