Unbelievable Victory! Gov. Kim Reynolds Passes School Choice Landmark Bill

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Employing an inspiring and determined tone, Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds made history on Tuesday with the signing of a historic school choice bill that will give parents and students unprecedented freedom to choose the best educational option for their needs. 

Parents throughout Iowa celebrated a major victory recently with the signing of the Students First Act by Governor Kim Reynolds. This landmark bill establishes statewide education savings accounts for all K-12 students, giving parents back the freedom to decide which educational environment best serves their child’s individual needs. 

Washington Examiner reports.  New legislation signed Tuesday by Gov. Kim Reynolds (R-IA) makes Iowa the second state in the nation to offer universal school choice.

As Reynolds, surrounded by children, triumphantly signed the Students First Act that established a statewide education savings account program for all K-12 students, she capped off a year-long legislative victory by affixing her signature to the legislation.


Parents in Iowa are rejoicing at the new law that allows school freedom for parents in failing school districts across the state.

KCCI reports. Families in Iowa are discussing the implications of the “school choice” bill, which was signed into law Tuesday morning.

During the next school year, any family with a K-12 student who wants to switch from public to private school would receive roughly $7,600 from the state – the full amount of taxpayer money invested in every student.


Gov. Kim Reynolds (R-IA) has made history, signing the Students First Act to establish a statewide education savings account program for parents and students in her state. The parents present expressed their joy of having the freedom to choose where their children can receive the best quality education, a victory over a year in the making. At the signing ceremony, Reynolds proclaimed it an amazing day and stressed that public schools will continue to be the option of choice for most families, but they aren’t the only way forward anymore. This landmark school choice bill is not just a victory for parents and students – it is also a powerful reminder that parents should have full control over their children’s education, thus restoring freedoms that many have taken for granted.

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