Undeniable Success: Not A Single Black Voter Disenfranchised in Georgia, Poll Finds

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An exciting new poll on the November midterms in Georgia has just emerged, and it is sure to shock anyone who thought they knew the story. Despite previous claims of disenfranchisement within a specific minority voting bloc, this survey points to a different result — one that tells a completely different story contrary to the liberal propaganda. 

The state of Georgia is to be commended on the successful conduct of their post 2022 midterm elections, as a new poll conducted by the University of Georgia has revealed that NO black voters experienced any issues or difficulties while voting. This is especially significant in an era when many politicians are still pretending to protect and promote the voting rights of minorities and other traditionally disenfranchised groups. The results of this poll further reiterates what republicans have been saying, but guess who’s going to want to take credit for this?

Breitbart reports, in Georgia, no black voters had a poor experience voting in the 2022 midterm elections, according to a University of Georgia poll.

In the Atlanta Journal-Constitution poll published Monday, 73 percent of black voters said voting was an “excellent” experience, 23 percent said it was a “good” experience, three percent said it was a “fair” experience, and zero percent said it was a “poor” experience.

73 percent of black voters say they had an “excellent” voting experience, the same as 73 percent of white voters.

Over 95 percent of all 1,253 respondents said they had a good or excellent experience voting, 4% said their experience was fair, and less than one percent said it was “poor.”

Here is what Rapheal Warnock had to say about Georgia’s voting experience only after winning his race this past November.

After repeated fear-mongering by top Democrats, including newly reelected Sen. Georgians had an overwhelmingly smooth time casting their ballots. In an attempt to suppress racial minorities’ votes, Raphael Warnock (D-GA), President Joe Biden, and two-time losing gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams slammed the state’s Election Integrity Act of 2021.

During the U.S. Senate debate in October, The debate moderator asked Warnock why – if voter suppression existed – did Georgia see record turnout and an increase in black voters in the state primary that year? Warnock painted a picture of voters having to fight an uphill battle to get to the polls because of the bill.

Here is what he said prior to winning, a completely different tune.

The hypocrisy of the Dems is absolutely astounding. No mention of voter suppression when they win a race, but it’s suddenly a major issue when the other party takes the lead? Their blatant disregard for the intelligence and well-being of American citizens is despicable. Our votes should be taken seriously, as should our rights – if we choose to exercise them. People like Warnock know that requiring an ID to vote is not racist, but if Democrats need those votes, they must make their constituents believe they are fighting for something – no matter how outrageous or false that something may be. The people of Georgia deserve leaders that they can trust, who care about the interests of their people more than their own interests.

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