Accused Killer Set To Escape Punishment?! Why Did Katie Hobbs Stop The Execution Of 100 Criminals!?

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 In a sickening move, Arizona Democratic Gov. Katie Hobbs has blocked the execution of 100 convicted murderers, including one man who kidnapped and brutally killed his girlfriend’s ex-husband.

Republicans and families of victims alike are shocked at Hobbs’ decision in her first official act as governor, leaving many wondering how this controversial move will shape her tenure in office.

Conservative brief reports, Democratic Governor Katie Hobbs began her term with a controversial decision that has Republicans and victims’ families up in arms.

Among her first official acts, the former secretary of state halted the executions of 100 murderers, including one who kidnapped and killed his girlfriend’s ex-husband. Hobbs issued the order on Friday, allegedly “due to the state’s history of mismanaging executions,” The Associated Press reported.


Until Katie Hobbs made her decision there was some argument over Arizona’s death penalty enforcement.

The associated press reports, due to criticism that a 2014 execution was botched and difficulty obtaining execution drugs, Arizona executed three inmates last year after a nearly eight-year hiatus.

During the spring of 2021, the state announced that it had finally procured a supply of a lethal injection drug after finding a compounding pharmacist in October 2020.

As executions have resumed, the state has been criticized for taking too long to insert an IV into a condemned prisoner’s body in early May and for refusing to allow the Arizona Republic newspaper to witness the last three executions.

A nearly eight-year hiatus followed Joseph Wood’s 2014 execution in which he was injected with 15 doses of a two-drug combination over two hours, causing him to snort repeatedly and gasp more than 600 times before he died. It was a botched execution, according to his lawyers.

After U.S. and European pharmaceutical companies began blocking the use of their products in lethal injections, Arizona and other states struggled to buy execution drugs.

Katie Hobbs’ decision to block the scheduled executions of 100 criminals could not be more sickening. This liberal insanity gives criminals in Arizona the chance to rest easy, no doubt, while their victims will never receive justice. It’s despicable that in this day and age, a far-left politician can stay safe in office while throwing true justice out the window. It’s time for families of victims to speak up against this travesty, or else we’ll all have to bear the pain of no justice being done for our loved ones who were wrongfully taken from us by sickening offenders.

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