BREAKING: Shocking Moment Pfizer Official Physically Assaults James O’Keefe After Undercover Video DESTROYS His Career

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After Project Veritas released an undercover video showing Pfizer’s attempts to mutate Covid-19 to create vaccine strains, Pfizer is in a lot of trouble. But not as much trouble as the  Pfizer Director who was caught on camera physically assaulting independent journalist James O’Keefe for the undercover recording! This Pfizer executive not only physically attacked O’Keefe, but according to reports also destroyed an iPad containing the recordings that could destroy his career. 

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In video footage released Thursday night by Project Veritas, a Pfizer official, Jordan Trishton Walker, director of research and development, strategic operations at Pfizer, becomes enraged after being confronted by journalist James O’Keefe about recent remarks he was caught making during an undercover sting.

In the twitter release of the video O’Keefe tweeted,  -I was locked in a restaurant (possible Unlawful imprisonment) -I was Assaulted -Had our IPad destroyed -Pfizer director said “I’m literally a liar” -He confirmed hes Boston Consulting and Pfizer -He said he’s trying to “help the public”

The shocking confrontation followed Project Veritas’ explosive video released Wednesday night, which showed Pfizer Director Walker admitting the company is exploring ‘mutating’ Covid-19 via ‘directed evolution’ so the company can continue to profit off vaccines.

Project Veritas Media Relations Manager Mario Balaban appeared with Emerald Robinson on LindellTV with Pfizer’s reaction, or should I say, lack thereof.

Former Congressman Ron Paul reacted to the news calling it “pure evil”

Tucker Carlson ripped the media and Google for completely ignoring this groundbreaking news and burying the search results.

Youtube Strike Issued to Project Veritas

Pfizer is facing an extraordinary amount of controversy due to a recent undercover video from Project Veritas showing their attempts to mutate Covid-19 in order to develop vaccine strains. To make matters even worse, a Pfizer executive was caught on camera physically assaulting independent journalist James O’Keefe and then destroying an iPad containing recordings that could destroy his career! Despite this scandalous news, the media has failed to report it and Google has buried the search results. Making matters even more alarming is that Pfizer has refused to comment on the footage or their employee’s abhorrent criminal behavior for attacking O’Keefe. Share this video with those you know in order to help others bypass this media blackout before it’s too late!

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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