Reiner Proven Wrong After Viral Gun Control Tweet?!

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Rob Reiner got what was coming to him when he asked a question about how to stop a ‘bad person’ with a gun. With an anti freedom approach and his woke ideology, it seemed like the revered liberal director was in need of a history lesson.

In an attempt to liberalize his message and combat conservative values after the tragic mass shootings in California, liberal director Rob Reiner managed to spark nationwide outrage when he tweeted his take on how to stop a bad person with a gun.

Daily Wire reports, following two mass shootings in California, director Rob Reiner got destroyed on Twitter over a viral tweet about gun control.

The 75-year-old tweeted to his 2.1 million followers on Tuesday that the only way to stop a shooter was to stop lawmakers who support the “gun industry.”

The director received a lot of criticism, with many commenters pointing out that California has some of the strictest gun control laws, yet the shootings continued.

One Twitter user wrote in reply to Reiners post stating “ i know, it’s about time California passed some gun laws

A Twitter user responded to that adding “California has the strictest laws in the nation. Try again”

Another twitter user replied to Reiner’s tweet stating “ You did that in California. How is it working out?”

Another twitter user asked Reiner a question regarding the mass shootings in California stating “ Actually, compare the unarmed hero in CA to the cowards in Uvalde”

Recently Reiner also made some absurd comments regarding Joe Biden.

Fox news reports, 

The conservative Twitter community is outraged after actor Rob Reiner praised President Biden as a “decent law abiding person,” while slamming former President Donald Trump as a “pathologically lying criminal.”

The Conservative Twitter Universe responded accordingly.

Aka tweeted to Reiner “ Rob spent time on Epstein island.. He has to defend Biden otherwise his secret gets exposed”

Tim young tweeted “Imagine being this much of a leftist cult member… it’s sad at this point

Neil Strong tweeted “ I always wondered how ….ahem…Germany took place. I understand now

There are thousands of replies to his anti-American posts, and his insane Backing of the law breaking President’s behavior.

Rob Reiner’s liberal lunacy has been exposed once again, this time in the form of an ignorant tweet on gun control. Social media users were shocked and angry to see such anti-freedom rhetoric being spewed by the director, with many accusing him of being anti American. Any reasonable person in need of a history lesson would know that trying to control guns only leads to more violence and chaos; one wonders if Reiner is even aware of this. He seems to have fallen victim to the woke ideology that seeks to undermine our liberties and freedoms.

Let’s continue this conversation, in the comments below.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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