‘Unprecedented’ Poll Results On Biden Case Revealed!!

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No matter what party affiliation, people are disgusted that the ‘Biden Crime Family’ has failed America – given the senile President’s inability to keep himself out of trouble, it comes as no surprise to those on both sides of the aisle.

The news that 84% of Americans are in favor of a special counsel to investigate the classified documents retrieved from President Joe Biden’s home and office have sent shock waves around the nation. It remains to be seen how this troubling situation pans out for Team Biden, but one thing is for sure – most Americans want justice served.

Newsmax reports, according to a CNN survey, most Americans support the appointment of a special counsel to investigate classified documents found at President Joe Biden’s Delaware home and former office.

CNN reported that 88% of Republicans, 84% of independents, and 80% of Democrats approve of a special counsel. Overall, 84% approve.

Recently Merrick Garland appointed a special council to investigate the mishandling of classified documents.

The CNN poll had more insight into the public’s view of the classified document discovery.

CNN report, it is believed that two-thirds of Americans consider the discovery of classified documents in Biden’s office in Washington, D.C., as well as at his Wilmington residence to be a serious problem (67% consider it very or somewhat serious), while nearly six out of ten people (57%) are disapproving of the way the White House handled it.

Both of those questions have wide partisan gaps. Most Democrats (74%) approve of how Biden’s administration handled the discovery of classified documents, while most Republicans (85%) and independents (62%) disapprove. Republicans are more likely than Democrats to say the unearthing of the documents is a serious problem – 89% say so, including 56% who believe it is a “very serious” problem – as opposed to just 46% of Democrats who say it is serious.

In the case of these classified documents, only about 1 in 6 Americans (18%) consider Biden blameless, while 81% say he has at least acted unethically. Yet fewer say he acted illegally (37%) than unethically but not illegally (44%). 

The new poll numbers on the Biden documents case have revealed a shocking lack of public special treatment for the Biden family. Despite support from woke mobs, an astonishing 84% of Americans support appointing a special counsel to investigate the controversy surrounding classified documents found at President Joe Biden’s home and former office. This display of bipartisan support suggests that voters are fed up with what some have dubbed the ‘Biden Crime Family.’ It appears that even centrists, who may have been hesitant in this polarized climate, are unaccepting of Biden’s failed promises to unite our divided nation.

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