Whoa! Stunning Video Exposes Globalist Bill Gates Plan For Chinese Control of the World

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Globalist Bill Gates has been caught on camera pushing for Chinese domination of the Global Economy and World Governance. In a powerful interview, the billionaire Globalist expressed some incredibly shocking ideas that have caused many American patriots to disagree with his notions. This video will give you an unprecedented chance to see firsthand the Globalist’s call for China’s role in world governance!

In advocating for Communist China to have a strong role in world governance during Monday’s interview at the Lowy Institute – an Australia-based international policy think tank, globalist billionaire Bill Gates argued that the rise of the country has been “a huge win for the world”. His proposal sparked debate over the future of the world order, as many are wary of allowing a country who has been known to suppress freedom and impose censorship too much power in global matters. He also claimed that the country must be granted a “strong role in world governance” as part of the future world order. Given Gates’ prominence as one of the richest and most influential figures in the world, his advocating for this enormous shift in power dynamics has put China and its global ambitions under new levels of scrutiny.

Spoken like a true anti-American globalist, he’s basically saying America needs to surrender to the power of China since we’re all in this together, because we have to change the modern industrial economy”. I think not Bill.

In his endorsement of China as world leader, Gates echoes recent remarks made by Klaus Schwab and George Soros, who have both stated explicitly that China must lead the New World Order.

Now here’s George Soros.

America has no intention of conforming to the New World Order pushed by globalists like Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab and George Soros. Our nation was built upon the values of liberty and freedom, which these globalists are threatening with their pro-China rhetoric. America will never surrender its sovereignty to Communist China, nor will it compromise our fundamental founding beliefs. This “New World Order” championed by these billionaires is a clear threat to America and must be stopped at every cost.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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