BUSTED: Biden’s DOJ Caught Using Special Counsel as Smoke Screen to Cover His Crimes

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Biden’s DOJ has raised eyebrows by hiding details in an investigation seeking Biden documents. Strangely, Biden’s own Justice Department is reportedly pulling strings to veil the specifics of this probe that Congress demands, and we believe the special counsel is being used as a smokescreen. As troubling questions continue to swirl about Biden’s documents, the Biden administration must answer about his attempt to hide relevant details from the public. What information is Biden’s DOJ withholding and why?

In response to the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee’s request for information regarding the federal investigation into President Joe Biden’s retention of classified documents from his time as vice president, the Justice Department said it could not comply. 

In early November, Biden’s attorneys discovered classified documents at the Penn Biden Center in Washington, D.C. Further classified documents have been found in Biden’s Wilmington, Delaware, home by the president’s lawyers in December and January, as well as by the DOJ earlier in the month during its own search.

CBS reports, Deputy Attorney General Carlos Uriarte wrote to Ohio Republican Rep. Jim Jordan that ongoing investigations are exempt from further disclosure under department rules and norms. 

In his letter to Jordan, Uriarte also expressed concern about sharing information about investigations with Congress, which could lead to the appearance that Congress is “attempting to influence Department decisions in certain cases.” 

Jordan sent a letter to Merrick Garland on Jan. 13 requesting documents and underlying evidence regarding the appointment of special counsel Robert Hur and the events surrounding the discovery of classified documents from Biden’s time as vice president.

In addition, Jordan requested all communications between the DOJ and Biden’s lawyers regarding the classified document scandal, as well as all documentation and communications related to the storage of classified documents at Biden’s home and office, as well as all records relating to the discovery of classified documents.

Jordan also signaled last week that he is open to issuing subpoenas to obtain the information.

In addition, Jordan told Fox News that the House Judiciary Committee will be investigating the Department of Justice’s overall response to Biden’s document scandal:

>>>IMG 3 This week, Jordan simply asked on Twitter, “The White House said they’d be “transparent” about Joe Biden’s classified documents scandal. So why haven’t they?”

The suspicious actions of the Biden Department of Justice have left many wondering: What are they hiding? The refusal to comply with the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee’s request for information has sparked outrage amongst the American people, and rightfully so. With an investigation that Congress demands transparency on, it appears as though a special counsel is being used as a smokescreen by the Biden DOJ. This suspicious behavior calls into question what, exactly, this administration is trying to hide from the public eye.

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Next News Network Team

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