‘Drop Everything’: Robert Gates’ Take On The “GarageGate”, Afghan Withdrawal Sparks Uproar Worldwide

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 The Obama clan has been unwavering in their support of Joe Biden. Even as pressures began to mount and criticism of the new administration came into sharp focus, they failed to confront the current President’s inexperience and patronizing policies toward American citizens. In fact, some have joined what many deem a JV team terrorizing the nation. That takes real dedication — or desperation — whichever you would like to call it. However, when a member of the Obama family decides to speak out against President Biden, you know things have gotten dire indeed. It appears that time has finally come.

In a recent interview, Robert Gates, former United States Secretary of Defense under President Barack Obama, let loose criticisms about politicians’ handling of classified information as well as offered his views about President Joe Biden’s handling of the war in Ukraine. While Gates may have been out of the political spotlight for several years, it appears that he has not stopped keeping a close watch on Washington happenings. Gates also tore into the painful Afghanistan withdrawal which the entire world saw. Adding Gates to the list of few Obama staffers to criticize Biden. How exciting!

Daily wire reports, during an interview over the weekend, former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates slammed politicians for mishandling classified information, and also blasted President Joe Biden’s handling of the Ukrainian conflict.

In a conversation with Chuck Todd on NBC News’ “Meet The Press,” Gates, a former member of the Obama administration’s staff, made the remarks.

In response to a question about what Biden could do differently in Ukraine, Gates suggested this:

In response to questions about the recent classified document scandals engulfing Trump, Biden, and former Vice President Pence, Gates said that the issue is that the people handling the documents are negligent.

In the past, Gates has attacked Biden over his foreign policy record, which many critics say has been catastrophic.

In 2019, Gates warned the country that Biden had been wrong on many issues during his political career.

It’s disappointing to see that Joe Biden is living up to his history of terrible foreign policies now.

Robert Gates has seen little bits of every political era, with 8 different administrations in his life so far. His willingness to criticize both Democrats and Republicans is a rare attribute in today’s landscape that demonstrates a politician willing to put personal preference aside for the general well-being of the country. Unfortunately, Joe Biden’s leadership has not changed much from other administrators before him – instead we have watched him begin to unravel this nation and cripple its progress. We can say with absolute certainty that there were warning signs to prevent this from occurring – just not enough individuals voicing them. Here is hoping the damage won’t go on for  8 years. We have certainly learned our lesson as people and are ready to get our country back on the right track.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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