NEW LOW on ABC: Whoopi’s View on Police Brutality: Should We Kill Whites Too?

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Whoopi Goldberg’s latest comments on the death of Tyre Nichols at the hands of police have many people in shock. Her view on police brutality has drawn criticism from both sides, where On ABC’s “The View” Whoppi asks if white people need to die for police brutality to matter, and her suggestion that white deaths would be necessary has caused an uproar. Is this a NEW LOW for ABC?

Whoppi Goldberg discussed Tyre Nichols’ death on Monday morning’s episode of ‘The View’.

Nichols was killed by black Memphis police officers, but the left is blaming white people and racism for his death.

To take police brutality seriously, Goldberg asked whether white people have to be killed by police officers. It is worth noting that each year, more white people are killed by police officers than black people.

Twitter users slammed Goldberg for her comments.

One person tweeted, “I can’t believe she still has a job.”

And another added, “We see “white people” beaten all the time. The major difference is the media doesn’t care because they can’t use it for race-baiting numbers.”

And this person commented that Whoopi, “Should be fired immediately,” adding, “Reverse the roles and there would be riots.”

As noted by the NY Post, a video released last Friday showed the events leading up to Nichols’ death during a traffic stop on Jan. 7. Officers pepper-sprayed and beat Nichols, who was black, with their fists and batons. 

Five officers were arrested and charged with murder in the second degree, as well as other charges.

Preston Hemphill, a white officer, was placed on leave following the incident. Memphis police have also placed a seventh officer on leave, who is not named at this time.  

This situation is deeply tragic, and it appears that Whoopi Goldberg has crossed a line of decency by suggesting that more White people should be killed by police officers. This suggestion implies an implicit approval of such violence, which is simply sickening. The idea that such violence can be tolerated or even encouraged is disgusting, and her comments are completely out of bounds. The notion that Whoopi should not be fired for these comments is absolutely crazy; she must take responsibility for what she said on a nationally syndicated program. We cannot allow individuals in positions of influence to make such appalling comments without consequence.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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