Stolen Property Disabled By Lowe’s Out-of-this-World Theft Prevention!!

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Welcome to 2023, where it’s much easier for shoplifters to help themselves! All the alarm systems and security cameras in the world can’t stop those determined thieves from taking whatever they want without fear of repercussions. It’s a world so “woke” that many business owners closed their properties in many cities. The age-old adage of “you get what you pay for” has been turned on its head in this crime ridden world. That was until this company decided to think outside the box…..

Lowe’s has found success in its newest security venture, which involves the use of radio frequency identification chips. Best known for their low-cost, these RFID chips can be tracking and locking items, like tools and equipment. By doing this, Lowe’s is able to prevent theft as the desired items will not function if stolen–saving them thousands of dollars. This creative approach to security serves as an example of Lowe’s dedication to protecting their products so that customers can enjoy a lawful shopping experience.

Daily wire reports, the Lowe’s Company successfully tested a system that tracked and locked items with radio frequency identification chips so that stolen power tools and equipment could not run.

Some retailers and convenience chains have spent millions on new security measures or closed locations in dangerous cities as a result of robberies perpetrated by packs of robbers in the past three years.

Here is what stores like Home Depot had to say just last year to combat shoplifting.

“A point-of-sale RFID scanner reads all tags in range, finds the tool with the correct serial number, and writes a unique secret key value that activates the tool for use. Only products that are legitimately purchased are activated. If a power tool is stolen, it won’t work, which makes it less valuable to steal.”

An interview with Fox Business with Lowe’s Chief Digital and Information Officer Seemantini Godbole revealed that other measures to prevent organized retail theft, such as locking down shelves, disrupt “an enjoyable experience that customers deserve.”

In Project Unlock, the process is invisible to customers. They won’t even be aware that anything extra is happening.

According to the National Retail Federation, organized retail crime increased 26.5% last year. Nearly 90% of respondents said the phenomena of the last three years increased risk for their businesses due to higher levels of violence, shoplifting, employee theft, and organized crime. Brian Cornell, Target’s CEO, revealed last year that the company had to spend more on security to deal with organized retail crime.

It’s no secret that many companies are struggling to stay afloat in these troubled political times. With crime being laxed and theft increasing, businesses have to work doubly hard to protect their resources and clientele. The current administration is not doing enough to support law enforcement who can keep these criminals off the streets, nor should DAs reward lawlessness by diminishing the amount of expensive items thieves are able to steal without consequence. These lawbreakers should be stopping what they’re doing, not being incentivized. It’s time for the  local government and companies alike come together and create measures that will discourage theft if the federal government is going to encourage it

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