ALERT: Migrants March Against NYC Plan to Transfer From Luxury Hotel to Subpar Shelter!

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 In the woke haven of NYC, it’s come to light that illegal immigrants who were processed and released after crossing the southern border are about to be relocated from their hotels provided by the city to a new shelter, sparking protests from the illegal immigrants. 

Only in America apparently can a group of people break federal law, then be transported around the country on tax payers money, be given free phones and better living accommodations than some Americans have, and then have the audacity to complain about it.

Townhall reports, migrants who illegally crossed the southern border and made their way to New York City are unhappy with plans to remove them from hotels and move them to new shelters.

The migrants, all single adult men, complain about substandard conditions at the new shelter. A protest is taking place outside the Watson Hotel in Hell’s Kitchen. During the cold January days, immigration activists have provided supplies to protesters to keep them warm.

Janice Yu tweeted “The standoff continues in front of the Watson Hotel. City officials are trying to move single men asylum seekers to an emergency shelter in Brooklyn to make room for migrant families, but a group of men refuse to leave.They say the new facility has subpar conditions.”

Daniel De La Fe’ stated on twitter “Some more footage outside the Watson Hotel entrance in Hell’s Kitchen, NYC, after single male migrants were ordered out of the hotel yesterday (many of them refusing to leave) to be sent to the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal and replaced by migrant families. Cops, activists, & media.”

NYPD and Mayor Eric Adams have been in damage control mode since the protests started. 

Authorities have posted videos and photos of the facility the migrants will be sent to in response to their accusations.

NYC immigrant Affairs posted a video of the facility the illegal immigrants are being transferred to. Take a look>>>

NYC Immigrant Affairs also tweeted photos of the luxury of the facility that the migrants would be heading to, including examples of meals, and a short video of the NYC mayor playing ping pong with illegal immigrants.

Mayor Eric Adams made a statement on the illegals protesting the new accommodations. Take a Look>>> 

The liberal elites continue to be shameless in response to NYC transferring migrants from hotels to a shelter, despite these illegal immigrants having broken federal law. It’s no surprise that even with the current border crisis, New York City remains a sanctuary city – there shouldn’t come as a surprise then that tax paying citizens are forced to foot the bill for all the amenities and luxuries being provided. To hear them complaining when they violate immigration laws is simply outrageous and beyond belief, yet sadly indicative of what has become accepted reality. It’s time these illegal immigrants be held accountable and take responsibility for their actions!

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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