Joe Biden Makes Major Transition in White House with Historic Ceremony

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 The Biden Administration’s tenure so far can be summed up in one word: chaos. It seems like every day another scandal rocks the White House, whether it’s a pedophile loving supreme court appointee to classified documents. This perpetual state of political unrest has driven a large number of employees away, turning the Administration into a revolving door. Retention rate says a lot about an administration or a company and it’s not looking great for Biden’s.

On February 1, President Joe Biden took a moment to mark the chief of staff transition in the East Room of the White House. Ron Klain, who served both as his vice president’s chief of staff and then his own subsequent to taking office in January 2021, will be leaving his post this month. Doing what he does best in driving people away, Biden sought to pay tribute to Klain for his exemplary service and welcome the incoming Jeff Zients with open arms.

The Epoch Times reports, during the chief of staff transition ceremony in the East Room of the White House on Feb. 1, President Joe Biden addressed outgoing Ron Klain and incoming Jeff Zients side by side.

Here is a White House correspondent on PBS talking about both men and what they did and have to offer.

It has been confirmed that on Feb. 8, Klain will be replaced by Jeff Zeints.

Besides leading the White House Coronavirus response, Zients has been involved in a variety of private sector businesses including health care and private equity.

Most important to note: Previously, Zients served on the board of directors at Facebook.

Klain’s departure comes as Biden faces an investigation by a special counsel for his handling of classified documents after his tenure as vice president. He and some members of his family are also being scrutinized by the GOP-led House of Representatives.

He made his decision before Attorney General Merrick Garland assigned a special counsel to investigate Biden about classified materials found at his office and residence at the Penn Biden Center in Washington.

While Klain did not mention Biden running for a second term in 2024, he wrote in his resignation letter, “If you decide to run in 2024, I will do whatever I can to help your campaign, as I did in 1988, 2008, and 2020.”

It’s no secret that this administration has been wrought with chaos and continuous conflict. So, when White House officials publicly declare that the Chief of Staff, Ron Klain was leaving on a “positive note”, it’s almost comical. While we can never know the true reasons, one could assume that someone had to be sacrificed due to the deficiencies in this presidency. Now, replacing him with an ex-Facebook board of director should sound all kinds of alarms, knowing big tech’s history with this administration. Unfortunately, it appears this may just be business as usual for a president renowned for shady business dealings.

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