Mysterious Whale Deaths Trigger NJ Lawmakers Demand Investigation Into Offshore Wind Projects

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Democrats may have jumped the gun in assuming a switch to renewable energy is the best way forward. It’s naive to believe going green would be an easy transition as it’s often full of unforeseen consequences that pose at least as much harm as fossil fuel. Not only does introducing renewable technologies disrupt the lives of everyday citizens, but some of them also strip nature of its resources in order to create eco-friendly energy environments. We must weigh how beneficial these measures actually are before planting our feet so firmly in one camp over the other.

Rep. Chris Smith (R-NJ) has rightly raised concerns about offshore wind projects and potential harm to the environment following a string of whale deaths in the New Jersey, New York area recently. His call for suspension of such projects until ecological safety can be assured is an example of being proactive in protecting our environment and its precious inhabitants from any further destruction. This should serve as a warning that unless we put mechanisms in place to safeguard habitats, the fragile ecosystem may face serious consequences. Just because we think green energy is good for us, doesn’t mean it will be good for everything else around us.

TownHall reports, Recently, several whales have died in the New Jersey, New York area, prompting Rep. Chris Smith (R-NJ) to write to the Biden administration calling for a suspension of offshore wind projects until “ecological safety can be assured.” 

CBS News covered this story, calling it politically motivated.

The 12 New Jersey mayors wrote: “While we are not opposed to clean energy, we are concerned about the impacts these (offshore wind) projects may already be having on our environment.”

In Rep. Chris Smith’s letter he said:

“I share their concerns regarding the several offshore wind projects under development off the coast of New Jersey, and their requisite impact on recent whale deaths, as well as the potential impacts on the broader environment and the fishing industry. Over the course of the past several months, there have been repeated instances of dead whales washing up on New Jersey’s shoreline, and proximity of nearby offshore wind development has raised concerns that ongoing activity on these projects may be contributing to whale fatalities.”

He added: “The federal government has a responsibility to ensure the Jersey Shore’s environmental viability, and any projects that may affect not only whales, but the broader marine ecosystem and the economy it sustains, must be comprehensively reviewed before allowed to proceed. The New Jersey mayors, local environmental leaders, and members of the fishing community all share a deep concern that four major offshore wind projects have been approved concurrently within the span of two years,”

Fellow NJ Congressman Jeff Van Drew said the whale deaths warrant an investigation.

Despite the enthusiasm of democratic leaders for their green energy initiative, it appears that the transition could be a source of the challenge. Rather than forging ahead and ignoring possible consequences, it might be prudent to take a step back, fully investigate what could potentially be killing these whales, then determine how to proceed. While inaction may seem like an admission of fear, in reality, it is far better to err on the side of caution and make sure that any issues are resolved before continuing with their liberal project. But we’re talking about democrats here, they pretend to love everything until it gets in their way. For all we know, they could care less about those whales.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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