Secretly Silenced By Lebron: The Message Morgan Freeman Sent Out That Lebron Wanted To Hide

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The recent NBA star Lebron James quickly deleted a video that was previously shared by Turning Point USA Founder Charlie Kirk. 

As astonishing as it is to believe, the video featured acting-legend Morgan Freeman, stating that instead of celebrating a Black History Month, American history should be celebrated as one greater concept, an identity which includes all citizens of America.

We Love Trump reports. A video posted by Turning Point USA Founder Charlie Kirk was shared by NBA star Lebron James.

In a tweet Charlie Kirk pointed out that LeBron James shared a video that he had posted of Morgan Freeman, but instantly deleted it, and Kirk wondered why.

In the image you can clearly see the @charliekirk776 watermark on the screenshot of LeBron’s post.

It was immediately deleted by LeBron and his handlers after they discovered the video was originally posted by Kirk.

The video Kirk posted was of actor Morgan Freeman calling for Black History month to be canceled and instead

Freeman stated “I don’t want a Black history month. Black history is American history.”

The Turning Point USA Twitter account tweeted at King James, “It’s okay to express how you really feel @KingJames.”

According to a Twitter user, James deleted the video because “He wouldn’t be able to profit from it.”

Another twitter user tweeted, “LeBron had an original thought for just a brief moment.”

Lebron James quickly deleted the video shared by Charlie Kirk when he realized where it had originally come from. The actor Morgan Freeman made a powerful statement, that Black History Month should be canceled since American history is for everyone. What audacity that Lebron thought he could rebrand the message to fit his own political agenda. Thankfully, we have the freedom to state our belief that Freeman is right – American history is for everyone, and American values are inclusionary and must not discriminate against any group of people. If anything, this fiasco shows us Lebron was clearly not ‘woke’ enough to realize what Freeman was trying to say in the first place!

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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