Chilling Photos Emerge As Mayor Eric Adams Visits a Migrant Shelter – What Will He Do Next?

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 Following a social media frenzy over the “harsh” conditions at the luxurious illegal immigrant shelter, Eric Adams decided to do something quite bizarre to increase public trust. 

In what many are saying is an act of either foolishness or desperation, Adams posted a photo of himself cuddled with several blankets to keep warm in 12-degree weather during his visit to the housing unit and shared pictures playing games with them. The move comes after illegal migrants refused to leave the Watson Hotel in Midtown Manhattan, resulting in some protesting about having to be moved from luxury hotels. 

Townhall reports, 

On the coldest night of the year, New York City mayor Eric Adams slept on the floor of a migrant center to promote new housing units for illegal immigrants.

Adams posted a picture of himself sleeping on a cot wrapped in several blankets while wearing a sweatshirt to keep warm in 12-degree weather.  

In the tweet Eric Adams stated “Spent the coldest night of the year at Brooklyn Cruise Terminal with ‘Homeless Hero’ and advocate Shams DaBaron & @AMEddieGibbs,” Adams said. ”Our brothers are being kept warm and the team working here is giving new meaning to the words ‘love thy neighbor.”

Additionally, he posted several photos of himself playing games and dining with other migrants at the housing unit Along with playing video games with illegal immigrants.


Eric Adams was not happy about having to sleep on the floor to showcase how bad things are in the sanctuary city of NYC, he went after Joe Biden’s failed policies.

Townhall notes, on Monday, New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) said the border crisis and the large number of people released into the country have strained the Big Apple financially.

Adams has criticized the Biden administration’s handling of the border crisis because many illegal immigrants are released by Border Patrol in New York City, a self-proclaimed sanctuary city.


Mayor Eric Adams’ liberal logic has clearly failed him – spending a night on the floor of a migrant shelter during the coldest night of the year will not change the fact that Joe Biden is responsible for the border crisis. It’s outrageous to think that border patrol isn’t able to do their job due to an open borders policy; this only serves to devalue American law and make us all less safe. We are all better off when America remains strong and utilizes a secure immigration system.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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