Kamala Goes MIA at the US-Mexico Border… and Joe Loves It?

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 President Joe Biden took time during a press conference today to address concerns about the ongoing situation at the Southern border. The president acknowledged the challenges faced by his administration and praised Vice President Kamala Harris for the work she has done in addressing the issue, despite being absent from the border for seven months.

Despite the president’s assurances, many are still questioning the vice president’s absence from the border. Critics argue that her presence is needed now more than ever, given the growing crisis of migrants crossing the border.

Daily Caller reports, a month after US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) recorded a record number of migrant encounters, Vice President Kamala Harris said the border is being handled well by Vice President Joe Biden.

The Daily Caller approached Biden on the south lawn and asked “Do you think Kamala Harris is doing a good job with the border?”

To which Biden replied “yes she is”

Nearly eight months after the last public event Harris held on the issue, Harris revealed her latest efforts to address the “root causes” of migration from Northern Central America.

Among the new measures Harris secured were an additional $1 billion from the private sector to address the “root causes” of migration, as well as infrastructure projects to develop clean energy, provide technical support, and train workers.


However Kamala Harris’s efforts appear to be just a political stunt.

Fox news Reports,  Kamala Harris’ plan to direct billions of dollars in private investment to Central America to address the “root causes” of illegal migration was dismissed Monday by immigration experts as a diversion from the ongoing border crisis.

Fox News Digital spoke with Brandon Judd, president of the National Border Patrol Council he stated “This is nothing more than a political stunt, We cannot control what happens in other countries. We can only control what happens here, and we’re not doing that.”

Judd was speaking on Harris’s 4.2 billion dollars from private companies that would be directed to Central American companies, a plan that would promote gender equality, clean energy, and supposedly job growth.

According to Judd and other immigration experts, the program is ineffective in part because it ignores short-term border realities.

Additionally, Judd said the Biden administration wants to eliminate the Title 42 enforcement policy that allows them to turn away migrants at the border to prevent the spread of COVID. Private investment in Central America is being promoted as a way to counter the increased migration, he said.

“You can invest as much as you want through private companies but if the government is corrupt it won’t matter,” Judd told Fox News Digital. “It’s not going to alleviate illegal immigration anytime soon.”

In a report released last month, the White House and Department of Homeland Security cited data showing that encounters at the southern border had declined as a result of increased border enforcement efforts and asylum opportunities for Cubans, Haitians, Nicaraguans, and Venezuelans.

President Joe Biden’s comments calling Vice President Kamala Harris a “good job” at the border are nothing short of shameful given her dereliction of duty over the past seven months. This is especially true considering that, during that same period, the CBP reported record-breaking levels of migrant encounters. While Harris’ lack of presence and willingness to get involved has been a significant aggravation in this ongoing crisis, for Biden to still say she is doing “good” at the border is unacceptable and a complete failure on his part. Unless this is exactly what they wanted to happen, which we can all guess is the real task she had.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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