Sen Tuberville Issues Warning: Prepare for WWIII Under Biden!

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 Even though the United States military has long been revered as a powerhouse of force, there is no denying that our military leaders have become complacent and lost sight of what it really means to be the best. Gone are the days where everyone feared we could easily deploy the best trained soldiers on the planet. We have slipped in efficiency, readiness because of anti-American leaders.

Senator Tuberville of Alabama made his opinion quite clear when discussing the Biden administration’s policies, particularly military-related ones, on the radio. Not only did he voice his concern over our pushed ever closer to an extreme situation like World War III, Tuberville also highlighted how this approach from the Biden government has directly affected the military’s current state and ability to recruit quality personnel. At a time where the integrity of our armed forces needs to be at its ordinary peak in order to be ready for any untoward situations or conflicts, it is concerning that such deficiencies exist– due to liberal ideology making its way into the military culture and the subsequent decrease in recruiting levels. 

Trending politics reports, Senator Tuberville of Alabama, member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, spoke out on FM Talk 106.5 about Biden’s policies. During an interview with Tuberville, he discussed how these policies are placing us on the “brink of World War III” in a time when the military faces tremendous recruitment challenges.

Beginning, Senator Tuberville sounded off on the military teaching CRT and pushing wokeness at a time when it should really be focusing on building readiness and its warfighting capabilities, saying

Tuberville commented on the enormous recruiting problems the military is facing as Americans realize that they do not want to deal with “all of the woke stuff” pushed by the military, saying:

Lastly, Senator Tuberville addressed the fact that America is facing a highly dangerous situation abroad due to this administration, saying:

We cannot allow the current state of affairs to frighten away those who wish to serve this nation. We need brave men and women to step forward if we are to meaningfully alter the course of our military.  We must find leaders with a new proper vision who believe in strong American values, are willing and able to further the cause for a brighter future for us all. It is no easy task – but one that can bring about immense change if done right. Let us pray that there are those whose patriotic hearts can take up this call. Our military has been great before and it will be great again only if the right people step up in these tough times.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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