Guilty As Charged: New Yorker Admits To Terrorizing Marjorie Taylor Greene

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Hate is a strong word, and it’s one we don’t tend to use lightly. When it comes to American politics and our politicians, however, more often than not that’s exactly what we feel. Though it can be daunting and disheartening to take action against unfavorable political figures, it doesn’t have to be. The reality is that we all have the power to make a real difference in politics through the simple act of voting or even running ourselves. There is never any need to threaten the life of any politician.

This is a concerning situation that came to light earlier this week: a New York man has pleaded guilty to physically threatening Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene. Joseph F. Morelli allegedly left multiple voicemails for Greene in March 2022, expressing his intent to cause her harm. Hopefully, this situation will remind people of how serious the consequences can be if such threats are taken too far. Case in point – Morelli now faces years in prison over these messages he sent. Although politicians and media cause the majority of our problems, threatening  them with violence does nothing constructive to fix the issues.

Conservative Brief reports that on Friday that a New York man has pleaded guilty and now faces years in prison for physically threatening Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.).

As reported earlier this week, federal prosecutors said Joseph F. Morelli, 51, of Endicott, confessed to leaving threatening voicemail messages for Greene in March 2022. 

The Justice Department said Morelli said in one message on March 3, 2022, “I’m gonna have to take your life into my own hands … I’m gonna hurt you. Physically, I’m gonna harm you.”

She addressed the flood of death threats last year by playing multiple voicemails.

WARNING: some of the person’s language is extremely crude so please watch this clip at your own discretion.

Absolutely disturbing.

On the same day, Morelli left a second voicemail message saying, “I’m gonna have to show you, to your face, right up front, what violence truly is, and I don’t think you’re gonna like it … I can pay someone 500 bucks to take a baseball bat and crack your skull … You are going to get f–king physically hurt.”

The FBI and the U.S. Capitol Police investigated the phone calls, according to a Justice Department press release without naming Greene.

The statement noted: “At sentencing on June 1, 2023, Morelli faces up to 5 years in prison, a fine of up to $250,000, and a term of supervised release of up to 3 years. A defendant’s sentence is imposed by a judge based on the particular statute the defendant is charged with violating, the U.S. Sentencing Guidelines and other factors.”

Greene told the New York Post that Morelli is still “at home” while awaiting his sentencing, not behind bars, which she claimed is a sign of a “two-tiered justice” system that Republicans have recently criticized.

In addition, she noted that the media was less interested in the threats made against her life than those allegedly made against Democrats.

It is unacceptable that anyone should face death threats or other types of possible harm. There is an obvious double standard when it comes to reporting on these events: whenever a Democrat receives a threat, there is an outpouring of media coverage, online and offline. However, if it is a Republican who receives the same type of threatening behavior, the left tends to become quiet or only provide a brief update, if any. If conservatives are doing this to Democrats, they ought to know that this kind of behavior does not make the us better than them. Throwing around death threats does nobody any good. Anyone who does should be prosecuted to the laws extent.

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