Out Of Control! See What’s Making Migrants Abandon New York City For The North

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While some legal migrants choose to come to our country to pursue the ultimate American Dream, unfortunately illegal migrants are quickly becoming a more and more viable option as well. Many not all illegal migrants slip into our country without bringing any of their own plans or dreams with them– often expecting our resources and generosity to be enough for them to live off of.

The exodus of illegal migrants from New York City to Canada on taxpayer-funded buses is a gentle reminder of the struggles many have been facing in the Big Apple – and of their decision that even this great city is not enough for them. After years of promises made by politicians, access to housing and employment necessary for full integration remain but a dream for many. The New York they all one envision in their dreams is no more and now they want out to a better country. 

We Love Trump reports, Migrants are heading north to Canada because New York City has become so crime-ridden and disgusting.

Despite being housed in fancy hotels, some migrants fled the Big Apple because of homelessness and drug abuse.

Fox and Friends had reported the protest that occurred at the Watson Hotel.

Reports in the New York Post indicate that state taxpayers will continue to pay for the transport of migrants to Canada.

Fox asked Mayor Adams if such reports were true. Here is what he had to say.

One migrant told The New York Post, “I am going to Canada for a better quality of life for my family.”

Eric Adams, the mayor of New York City, has asked the White House for assistance. 

In December, Adams expressed frustration. It was referring to the nearly 21,000 migrants who had been bussed to New York since last year.

The mayor’s press office has simultaneously sought to portray itself as pro-migrant, sharing that “asylum seekers are also receiving free roundtrip tickets on NYC Ferries every day.” 

By providing illegal immigrants with luxurious accommodations while they are unlawfully in the country, we are sending a message that breaking the law is acceptable and that those who do so will be rewarded. This ultimately encourages more of the same behavior, which makes sense why those who were evicted didn’t take too favorably to the situation. It’s disgusting how entitled those illegals think they are and New York should be ashamed that even illegals want nothing to do with their drug infested city.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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