SOTU Aftershock: Ratings Reveal the Cold Hard TRUTH That Will Force Biden To Run For the Hills

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For the first time in more than 30 years, a broadcasted State of the Union Address failed to generate impressive viewership – leaving many wondering if people simply aren’t interested in what President Biden has to say. Ratings for the speech were largely underwhelming, leading some viewers and pundits alike to question whether or not anyone was truly invested in what was said during Tuesday night’s address.

Despite its entertaining gaffes and Bidenisms along with attention-grabbing calls for radical policies, President Biden’s State of the Union Address failed to deliver impressive ratings.

Nielsen data shows that viewership for the State of the Union address dropped by a shocking 29 percent due to Americans’ lack of interest.

Deadline, reporting on the not-so-shocking crash in ratings for Brandon’s State of the Union address, said that the speech drew an estimated 27.3 million viewers, a drop of 29% from last year, according to Nielsen data.

Those figures represent the lowest audience for a State of the Union in at least 30 years, according to Nielsen records. The speech Biden gave to a joint session of Congress in 2021 drew 26.9 million people, but it was not an official State of the Union address.

The Nielsen figures were based on measurements of 16 TV networks. Across 16 networks, 38.2 million people watched last year.

Broadcast TV accounted for 59 percent of viewers while cable TV accounted for 41 percent. In addition, nearly 75 percent of those who watched were 55 or older, and only 5 percent were 18 to 34. The rest, 19 percent, were aged 35 to 54. Considering the Democratic Party’s reliance on young voters, this lack of interest in Biden could be problematic in 2024.

It was also interesting to see which channel people watched the address on. With 4.57 million viewers, Fox News drew the largest audience, followed by ABC with 4.27 million, NBC with 3.68 million, CBS with 3.52 million, MSNBC with 3.46 million, CNN with 2.13 million, and Fox Broadcasting with 1.6 million.

The State of the Union address was still overwhelmingly more interesting to Democrats than Republicans, despite younger Americans tuning out or not watching it.

According to a CNN poll cited by The Daily Caller, 72 percent of Americans reacted positively to Biden’s speech, and 41 percent said they did so very positively. Compared to Trump, Obama, and Bush in the third year of their administrations, Biden’s positive reaction was lower.

President Biden’s speech was full of lies, radical policy proposals, and Bidenisms that were bound to fail in delivering impressive ratings. Americans have had enough of being misled by this current administration, and the Nielsen data resoundingly reflected that. The cold hard truth is that Joe Biden is simply not as popular as he, or his advisers, seemingly thought he was.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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