Nick Sandmann Speaks! Governor DeSantis Holds Roundtable Over Media’s False Reporting

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Nick Sandmann spoke on his experience with liberal media lies and woke mobs after his now infamous encounter at the 2019 March for Life. Not only were false stories spun about him – painting him as a racist aggressor – but he was repeatedly targeted for physical attacks, spurned on by the media.

At the roundtable, Nick Sandmann spoke out on liberal media lies that led to his and his classmates’ shaming at the 2019 March for Life. Woke mobs had pounced on a video clip of Sandmann that distorted what actually happened, labeling the student as a racist aggressor without any proof – all despite his right to freedom of speech.

The Post Millennial reports. During Governor Ron DeSantis’ roundtable on media defamation on Tuesday, former Covington Catholic student Nick Sandmann spoke about the media’s reaction to a viral clip from 2019 showing him and other students at the March for Life.

On the bus ride back to Kentucky at 3 am, Sandmann discovered that a video showing him wearing a “MAGA” hat as Native American Nathan Phillips banged on drums face-to-face with him had gone viral.


In spite of Sandmann’s lack of action, the media branded him as a “racist” aggressor, saying he had a “punchable face.”

While sitting at the round table discussion with Ron Desantis on media defamation Desantis had a question about how Nick’s school handled the situation.


While the attacks on Nick Sandmann were relentless, he launched a defamation lawsuit against news outlets, and won.

NBC and former Covington Catholic student Nick Sandmann have reached a confidential settlement regarding Sandmann’s defamation lawsuit against the media outlet.

“At this time I would like to release that NBC and I have reached a settlement. The terms are confidential,” Sandmann wrote on Twitter.

In response to media coverage of him and other Covington Catholic students at the Lincoln Memorial, Sandmann filed a number of lawsuits against media outlets.

Sandmann and CNN settled his multi-million dollar defamation lawsuit in January 2020. It was in July of that year that Sandmann won his defamation lawsuit against The Washington Post.

Nick Sandmann’s account of liberal media lies at the 2019 March for Life this week underscored the importance of free speech and its constant attack by woke mobs. Sandmann was labeled as a “racist,” agressor in spite of taking no action, calling his face “punchable,” and condemning students simply for wearing a MAGA hat that day. This kind of politically-fueled defamation has no place in legitimate journalism, and Nick effusively made his point aware during his appearance at the DeSantis roundtable on media defamation–likely furthering the MAGA movement. As DeSantis said, we can only imagine if such viciousness was directed at liberal activists what liberal pundits – let alone the liberal media – would have to say. Nick Sandmann’s powerful stand encouraging truth in reporting brings us one step closer to a more accountable media and press in the future.

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